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My cat threw up mucus blood this morning?

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Rangie Boy (I assume it is him because the girls do not go in that room) and Milo only eats dry food.

Rangie threw up a mucus-like small wad of blood this morning and there was a little piece of his wet food in there. (Reason I know it was not Milo). He seemed fine, running around this morning playing like usual. What can this be? Should I be overly concerned now or should I monitor it? Help please!
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You really need to call your vet about something like that - vomiting blood is never good. It might just be an irritation, but it could also be something a lot more serious.
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I'm a nervous mom - assuming he's still perky, and is eating, peeing and poo-ing normally, I'd probably call my vet just to report in and ask what else I should be looking for. If they told me to come in, I would - if not, at least they know I called and they'd get me in faster if I did observe any more 'bad' symptoms.

If he's acting lethargic, or any way else out of the normal, I'd probably be calling and saying I was coming in - and be calling from their parking lot.
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Ok I am going to call the vet right now and be back with what was said. Thanks...
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Vet said not to worry. Food could have gone down the wrong pipe and he strained to release it. If attitude and way change give them a call, if not then leave it be ...
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That's good! It's always best to get the vet's reassurance
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My Jack has problems with wet food which makes him vomit. I gave him some for the first time in weeks a couple of weeks ago and he started vomiting again and this time it was tinged with blood. I kept a close eye on him, but i saw him straining when it happend so i put it down to that because he's been fine now that he's back on his dry food.
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