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Vibes for Loudmouth

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(didn't know where else to post this.)

I dropped Loudmouth off at the vet's at 7 this morning to get spayed. Finally!
I took her in yesterday, but the girl that made the appoinment accidentally wrote the wrong day on the appointment card she gave me, so I thought it was yesterday but it was today. But that's ok. She's there now. They wanted me to fill out a "new patient form", and I really did try, but I realized how very little I knew about her! Its a different vet than the one that has been giving me so much trouble so I hope this will work out better.

Loudmouth snagged a bite of food this morning before I managed to wrangle her into the carrier. (sneaky slippery ninja cat!) I told the vet and they said they'd put off the surgery for another hour or so but it should be ok.

This is her first "serious" vet visit since I took her in. She's supposed to be getting some blood tests (Vet wasn't all that clear, but said they were standard tests) and some other things.

Anyway, Please send some vibes that Miss Loudmouth gets thru the procedure fine, and that the vet doesn't find any serious problems. I'll update you when they call me after her surgery.
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Hope everything goes well. That's the one thing I liked about getting Kiki from the shelter. She was already fixed so I didn't have to go through that.
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for Loudmouth (I love the name!). She should come through just fine. My vet keeps the females overnight. Will she be coming home? Don't worry, I have probably been through spaying (well not me personally) more than 20 times in my catlife. Let us know how it all went!
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They asked me at the vet's when I dropped her off if I wanted them to call me as soon as she started waking up so I could come see her. They seem to be great vets so far. But yes, she'll be coming home as soon as the vet observes her for a little and they get her to eat a bit. She in surgery right now. The only reason I'm worried is because she's a total unknown. I know nothing at all about her medical history. All the others I've known since birth or longer.

I'm optimistic, but fingers crossed that it all goes well. I'm hoping this calms down some of her aggression. She has been getting seriously mean lately.
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Lots of for Loudmouth.
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I love her name too, and best wishes for a successful surgery and a very quick recovery.

That's the only downside I can think of regarding adoption - that you don't have a complete health history. But, that happens with humans too!
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for Loudmouth! When vets TNR ferals, they have NO health history - so I'm sure all will be fine.
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Is she home? all went well!
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Loudmouth is still at the vet's office, but she should be coming home sometime this morning. I have to wait until 8am to call.

This new vet has more of an Animal Hospital than a clinic. There are at least 2 vets working there, and several "nurses" and other helping hands. They seem to be pretty popular and they do have an on call vet on weekends. At any rate, they have a good rep as an ER clinic, as well, and someone brought in a dog that had been hit by a car. So Loudmouth's surgery had to be put off as they tried to save this dog, and she didn't end up getting into surgery until about 4:30 Pm.

The vet's office did call me and tell me they were postponing and that they would keep her overnight for no extra charge so they could have someone make sure she was ok. As of closing time, she had made it out of surgery but hadn't really woken up. I'll know more once I call.

On a side note, I do not know how the dog is. for the pup and I hope that they recover or are at least peacful over the bridge.
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On another quick note, Smudge kitten has been wandering around the apartment crying for his mama. It's cute but a little sad. He finally got up in the recliner with his Big Sis, Ginger, and the two durled up together, but Smudge kept giving her this look that said "not the mama".
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awwwwwww. for Loudmouth to be home soon.

It sounds like you have a great vet
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Ah, what a sweet picture. I'm sure Loudmouth is fine. It sounds as though you have found a great vet and animal hospital. Keep us posted.
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I'm going to pick her up in about 30 minutes. I think I really like this vet. Since they had to postpone, they are also going to give me a 10% discount on my next visit, and that will probably be when I take smudge in to get shots and neutered. They told me over the phone that Loudmouth is doing great. Can't wait to get her home so Smudge can see his mommy.
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Loudmouth is doing great, and many thanks to everyone who contributed vibes!

Had a bit of trouble at the vet's office though. They opened her medical cage and she jumped out and started trying to hide. She kept running away everytime they closed in on her, and they were afraid she was going to hurt herself, so finally they asked me to come back to try to catch her. As soon as she saw me she ran right to me! She let me pick her up and she was purring so loud it was almost scary. She even went into the carrier with no trouble.

In the car, she sat in my lap without her typical yowling, and she was head butting me and rubbing on me, a very very happy cat. That is the best she's ever been in the car.

After seeing her reaction to me like this, I realized that it is going to be really, really hard for me to rehome her. She really can't stay, but the sweetheart just feels so safe here. I really wish I could keep her.

She's currently trying to eat and groom Smudge at the same time. Crunch, lick, crunch crunch, lick lick lick. Poor sweety. But she is officially spayed, vaccinated, and looking for a new home.
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Oh, so happy that all went well, and many prayers that Loudmouth finds the most wonderful home - she deserves it!

I'm so jealous she ran to you at the vet's office - mine just curl up deeper in the recuperation cage and growl - but will run right into the carrier once they see it.
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I'm so glad it went (basically) well! I remember when Tuxedo got out - it was a nightmare for everyone. But at least you got there quickly and she went right to you!

she continues to heal well - and for finding the purrfect furrever home for her.
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That's great news!

I'm sure you'll find her a GREAT home
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