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2 Fast 2 Furious(sp?)

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Hey You Guys! Sorry this is the 3rd thread I have posted in an hour. If the mods want they can merge my 3 in? and call it something similar to them. This movie 2 Fast 2 furious, Have ya'll seen it? Give me some feedback I'm going to see it in 3 hours
Do you need to have seen the 1st one?


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Bump! Someone can still help me before one hour and 20 minute's ish is up

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Sorry, I haven't seen it.
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That's ok Jenn

I hope you had a good day!

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It wasn't bad, although I did have to help my sister paint her new apartment.

Hope you had a good day as well. Did you end up seeing the movie? Did you like it?
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I'm glad your day wasn't bad. I hate painting ..LOL.

But coming home to Spike would of sure cheered you up

I didn't have a good day really, I have the flu badly and as you can see on my GRRRR thread a alarm went off for 2 hours Mmmm. Apart from that it was alright ..LOL

Thanks for asking.

No, I'm going to see the movie in one hour!


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Spike ALWAYS cheers me up. :

You know, I did see your GRRR post... It's 1:30am here, don't mind me. I'm sorry you were sick... that's never fun. You must be feeling a bit better now though if you're going to the movies.

You'll have to let me know how it is.
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Good ole' Spike. Loads of Snuggles n' Hugs from me to him!

Well, Mums friend brought us tickets and I really wanted to see it so I thought I'd go. I went and saw Anger Management last night and [excuse me BUT] it really sucked, I love Adam Sandler movies but that didn't really cut my mustard

I'll post here after the movie , Wow! 1:30 am .. heehee

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You know, I like Adam Sandler as well, and I was very disappointed with Anger Management. I mean, I wouldn't say it was horrid... if it was played on tv in the future, and there was nothing else on, I might watch it again... maybe.

I'll have to look for your review tomorrow when I wake up. I'll probaby be sleeping by the time you get back.
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I certainitly hope you will be sleeping in 3 hours .

I have loved ALL of Adam's movies BUT this just let it down. o well there's always next time

See Ya Jenn.
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2 Fast 2 Furious, Kicks some serious A$$

All ya'll wanting a good movie to see, Check it out! It rocks!

I absolutely loved it. MR & 2f2f , my films of the year and I've seen tonnes
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Maybe I'll have to rent the first one so I can go see the second.
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Good to see you back Jenn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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