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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, October 7th!

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Oh wow! It looks like it's going to be one of those gorgeous, sunny and blue skied autumn days! This is my favorite time of year. We've had a couple of frosts, and the trees are starting to turn. I need to charge up the battery on my camera, and get out and take some pictures!

Here's today's QOTD!

Do you decorate for the holidays? Everthing, like Halloween, Easter, Valentine's day, as well as Christmas? Or do you only decorate for Christmas?

I used to decorate for Christmas, but after my both of my grandma's passed away, I stopped doing it. I kind of blame it on the kitties. Maggie is "Demon Destruct-O cat", and chews on any cord that she gets access to. The first year I had Cleo, every time I turned around, she was climbing the Christmas tree, and chewing on the branches. I finally just packed it all away, and admitted defeat.

Now my decorating constists of hanging a wreath or swag on the front door, that changes with the seasons. Yeah, I'm boring....
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I decorate for halloween & christmas normally but now I've got a toddler so we'll be decorating for EVERYTHING? "Talk Like a Pirate Day" next year? Full on holiday...
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I don't decorate at all...I LOVE Halloween,but am rarely here to enjoy the decorations,so I don't decorate.I don't decorate for Christmas,because I spend it with family who decorate like crazy and well I don't celebrate Easter,Thanksgiving or those things.
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I decorate for Christmas, a bit for Fall in general (Halloween & Thanksgiving combined) and a bit for Easter. It's just DH and I so decorating is usually just a few things.
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We really do just decorate for Christmas. Oh, we may put up a cardboard pumpkin for Halloween, LOL, but Christmas is the decorating Holiday for us.
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I don't decorate for anything. My house is a train wreck all year long.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
I don't decorate for anything. My house is a train wreck all year long.
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Let see...
I ´ll do it for halloween, Christmass and sometimes for our birthdays.......

I wished have the time for make it for spring, summer autumn & our Patriot Month...
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Just Halloween and Christmas.

Josh and I have never had a Christmas tree with the three this year should prove very interesting. I don't think I can stand not having a tree another year though..... Hopefully they'll learn quickly.

I remember when my mamaw was alive she'd stay over the week after we put up the tree at my family's house specifically for kitty duty. She'd spend the entire week parked next to the tree, squirt bottle at the ready, . The cats never touched the tree after that first week though!!
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My dad is a fanatic Halloween person, so yes we decorate...actually our house has had decorations up since the first of October and we have more things to put up as my dad buys them. We decorate a little for Thanksgiving. And we definately decorate for Christmas, a tree with lotsof ornaments and lights outside...its really fun to decorate
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
I don't decorate for anything. My house is a train wreck all year long.
Well, I don't NOT decorate, but I don't do nearly as much as I used to -- because of the train wreck. Something on the front door -- wreath or garland with ribbons; a little in the front hall; sometimes I get motivated and put the tree up, but sometimes not, and just put a garland over the livingroom windows. The kitties are not a threat now, but the garland over the window started when Suzy and Sam were kittens.

The only other decorating we do is a carved pumpkin at Hallowe'en.
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We do very minor decorating.... xmas tree at xmas time.... maybe some Halloween decorations on the front window.
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I stopped decorating years ago. I live alone and spend more time at the relatives plus Autumn would probably ruin everything cuz she is a real tiger. I do enjoy looking at other people's decorations when on the road, some are really breathtaking.
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For me, I love to decorate, but the way my life feels, it's like one week it's a month away (pick any holiday), and then it's already past... by the time I feel like hauling things out and decorating it's like the night before...

I have a 4 foot silver tinsel Christmas tree I bought in Chicago. if I can find a spot for it this year, I'll put it up. I'm just barely getting things uppacked from moving into this new place... and God knows where all my Christmas stuff is!

For Halloween, I usually have a plaque I hang on my door. This year, my front door opens to a hallway, so I don't know the rules... and have seen no decorations from anyone else. I may try it and see....
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I've only decorated for Christmas. I found a fake 4' tree at Big Lots a few years ago and put my ornaments on there. I am a little skeptical of putting a tree up this year since my boyfriend and I now have cats. They will be 9 mos almost 10 mos old in December; so I'm sure they'll still get into everything and I'd hate to have to put the tree back together on a daily basis.

My boyfriends parents go all out for almost every holiday though
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I used to decorate a bit when my son was little, but now its just a small tree put up at Christmas and nothing else. I would put a wreath on the door if I had one
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
Another yeah.. that here!
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That is the only decorating I do. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. No pressure, just good food and being with my kids and grandkids. Christmas is my least favorite holiday due to the fact it starts in October and ends Dec. 26.Too much. It has gotten so far afield of what it really is.
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No decorating. Trout won't allow it.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
No decorating. Trout won't allow it.
Deja vu! When I saw who was the last poster, I could just HEAR the response. These tortie girls rule with an iron paw, don't they! (Cindy doesn't give a *** about whether we decorate or not, but if she did, we'd know it.)
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I only decorate for Christmas, I have a small table top tree (2ft) and I put garland around the living room window and hang some christmas balls from it!
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Just Christmas. Living in the RV we have no room for a tree - we tried one in the house and it didn't work well with the cats anyway. We use thumb-tacks to hang tree ornaments along the overhead cabinets. Gary used to love going crazy on the outside with lights - but he hasn't done that in ages. We do hang fruit out for the birds - I think we got the idea from a TCS member!
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My apartment looks pretty much like it's decorated for Halloween, but it's like this all the time... So no, I don't really decorate at all.

At the moment it looks like I've decorated for 'dumping area day', I had to empty all my bedroom closets because of stupid neighbour downstairs is smoking inside and the smell goes to my wardrobes.
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Just for christmas
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I generally just decorate for Christmas and Halloween.
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
Oh wow! It looks like it's going to be one of those gorgeous, sunny and blue skied autumn days!
It's overcast and raining here..

We tend not to decorate, or decorate much. Between not wanting to spend the money on decorations and the cats it's not worth the trouble.

I'll have candy out for Halloween and my MIL will be coming over to hand some out. She lives outside of town and doesn't get anyone stopping by. I intend to have a nice but simple dinner and will probably get a few Halloween themed items - like plates or napkins for it.
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I used to decorate for Christmas with the tree and all that stuff,but I don't anymore.I have too many kids who would take a tree and all the pretties on it and turn it into a pile of rubble in about 2 seconds if given the chance!My sister does the whole thing every holiday...deco everywhere,inside and especially outside,so I get to be a part of it in that way.
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