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my dog

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this is my 5-year-old japanes spitz, woofy..

here's a photo of him
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I know you from Paw-Talk!
I recognize this pup!
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He's VERY pretty!
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thank you very much 2dogmom

@ 709Juggalette,
Hi! this is a nice surprise! didn't expect to see someone from another forum
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What a cute dog!
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Lol at "woofy" for a name! He's very pretty!
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Oh, Woofy is a beauty!! I'm guessing he lives up to his name? And yeah, when it comes to us animal lovers we are all over the place. Welcome, BTW!
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thanks everyone

yeah, woofy does live up to his name.. he really barks a lot especially when he hears the doorbell
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