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How rough is too rough?

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Cammy is playing with the kitten now, I'm assuming it's playing because she doesn't growl or anything. Abbey will pounce her, Cammy will grab her and pin her and start licking her. Sometimes biting, but not hard. The kitten seems ok, I just worry.
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I saw Sterling have Jeeves' whole head in his mouth at one point!

It can look scary, but if the kitten isn't crying, it's not likely too rough.
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Just keep a good eye on them. It sounds like rough housing, just like kids can get carried away. If the kitten keeps coming back for more, then he is ok with it. If he starts to run and hide, then I would break it up.
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Actually, it sounds like normal adult behavior toward a kitten, which is pretty close to "discipline."
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Sounds pretty normal to me, I separate mine at the first signs of real aggression (ears back, fur on end, major hissing / spitting) and even then I just break them apart and dont separate them unless they really carry on
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As Mike Blanche said -disciplining and some dominance behavior. Pinning and forcibly washing can be a dominant behavior, but not a bad one. She is just showing little Abbey who's boss.
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