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Poop incident

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This morning, my 1 year old, Dory, jumped out of the litterbox mid-poop and ran around like a nut and dragged her butt on the carpet. When I was able to get a hold of her, I found a tootsie roll attached. Luckily, it was solid and not much of a mess was made. Her anus did look a little red. I figured that she had a hard time trying to rid the poop and she freaked out.

About 15 minutes later, she went back to the box and finished her business without any drama and the bowel movement looked pretty normal. I wonder if she has constipation and the hard poop is hurting her?

I feed her California Natural chicken and Authority canned. I've noticed that since rotating in lamb, my cats' daily poop are more like every 36 hours. They also get Innova dry for snacks and again, since mixing in Evo dry, the poop seem a little less frequent. Again, nothing drastic. Something inbetween daily and every other day. Up until a couple of weeks ago, both my cats were daily poopers though.

Along the same timeline, Dory doesn't finish her canned food anymore. I don't think it's an appetite issue because she still loves her kibbles. I thought maybe she was just tired of CA Natural. But with this morning's incident, I'm worried that it may be constipation/impact issue.
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My Callie does the butt-scootin' boogie from time to time, but she's got some kidney issues and constipation and dry, hard stools are common for her. You can try adding a bit of plain canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) to their wet food and see if that helps soften her stools. You can also try adding some water to their wet food to make it a bit more soupy so that they get a bit extra water to help soften their stools.

You might also want to try increasing the canned food to add some additional liquid to her diet. If you do this, decrease the dry food you feed. Dry food will suck up the additional water in their systems kinda like a sponge, which causes harder stools. If you have ever done a non-scientific study with your kitties, most kitties on dry food only drink more than kitties who have a mostly wet food diet.
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