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Ear mites?

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I'm not sure if my kitten has ear mites, but that's the closest diagnosis I've been able to come up with so far.
When she scratches near her ears/face, it seems as if scabs or flakes or something brownish fall off. Every time she does this, those little flakes end up on my shirt, in my bed, in the chair, wherever she is at when she scratches. I checked inside her hears, and it looks like there is scabs inside her ears or something of the same color that falls off of her when she scratches. It looks like most of it is deeper in the ear where it is harder for me to see. It doesn't look waxy, and she doesn't scratch excessively. Any ideas?
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Make an appointment and take her to a vet. Try to imagine how awful it would be for your ears to be itching constantly.
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Even if it's not mites, she definitely needs to be seen by a vet to get it cleared up. It could just be allergies, but she's scratched so much that she's made little scratches in her ears and they've scabbed over. Could just be normal gunky build-up that needs to be cleaned out. She could even have a yeast infection. Whatever it is, it needs vet attention.
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