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Baby Emily:)

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Hello everyone:

Once again I found an abandoned kitten. She had been crying for days and we heard her and kept looking for her, but we couldn't find her. Thank God she came to our back yard 4 days ago and I was able to rescue her. She was so weak and so thin! I could feel her ribs and the little bones on her back, it was awful. I've been feding her and taking good care of her and she is doins great. She has been a sweetie since the first day, no need to tame her.

She looks like she is about 7 or 8 weeks old. She looks big in the pics , but she is a tiny thing. I dewormed her today and I want to give her a bath, but I will wait until she is stronger, I don't want her getting sick.

I'm working on finding the great home she deserves.

isn't she a cutie???

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Aaaaggggghhh Where's the cuteness warning?!?
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OOOpssss, sorry I made you faint! I forgot the cuteness warning!
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You are an angel on earth, you know!!

She is an absolutely adorable patched tabby!!! And very lucky to have found you and you her.
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Thank you! She is the cutest thing ever It is weird because I've never seen a tabby like her in the neighborhood, at least not with three colors like that. And I haven't seen any pregnant cats around, so I'm guessing someone abandoned her. But now she will have a great future, I'll make sure of that
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She is gorgeous. I wish I was nearby! She will make someone very happy. How is it they always manage to find you?
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She is going to be so beautiful! What a face that little girl has!
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Tahnk you! Yes, i know, it is weird how they always find me, but I"m glad they come here. I love helping them. I admit it is hard because of my other cats, I have her in one of our bathrooms because my cats get very upset when there is a new baby here. And I don't know if she has any diseases, she looks healthy, but I"m taking her to the vet just in case.
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She is adorable. I so glad she came to you, she is obviously a very smart girl. I don't know why, but when I look at her I just want to kiss her little face.
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Cute! Cute! Cute!
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She just looks so sweet!!
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What a gorgeous little girl!!! She's too cute!!
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Aw, Baby Emily is adorable! Thank you for rescuing her and taking such good care of her.
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She is cute, I love her colors! I hope the vet check turns out well and she finds a loving home.
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OMG what a sweetie! She reminds me a lot of my Lucy.
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Gorgeous kitty. I'm glad she found you.
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Thank you all! I already have a possible Mom for Emily She deserves the best, she is adorable
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Way, way too cute!
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What a cutie pie!
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