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What Forum?

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What Forum do you spend the most time on here at the cat site?

Eg. The Cat Lounge, S.O.S , New cats on the block?

I used to spend alot of time on the caption forums but now most of my time is dedicated to the Cat Lounge and the Breeders corner

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which ever one has new posts i just hit view new posts and read that way, so i don't really spend alot of time in any one forum.
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True. I have only started doing that recently!
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BTW: I love your new Signature pictures!
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I spend a lot of time in the IMO forum and the lounge.
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I too use the View New Post option. That way if something interesting is happening in a forum, I won't miss it!
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Mostly, I check out the Lounge. Then I check out IMO and the Feral forums.
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Mostly I lurk around the lounge. but I do bounce around to the other forums just to see what is going on there
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The Lounge
Caption This
Behaviour Forum
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CL is coming up a fave.
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Uhm.. I look at a bunch of them. Usually, given I have all the time I want online, I go to the lounge, then to new cats, then to imo and feedback. Then I hit the health & nutrition, behavior and care & grooming. I usually follow-up with one last stop in the lounge.
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My favorites list is set to New Cats on the Block, so I check there and lurk to read up on the newbies. I rarely post there, because the only thing I would have to say is what everyone else says. From there, I move on to the lounge and read whichever posts look interesting and sometimes reply. Then, I head on to IMO and read almost all the posts. After that, I head to Health & Nutrition, Behaviour, and Care and Grooming (whichever has new posts) and then I usually check out feedback, crossing the bridge, and paws & reflect if they have any new posts. So yeah, I'm everywhere.
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I check most of them but spend the most time in the lounge lately.
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i spend most of my time in the cat lounge, but i do browse the other too!
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