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Special Delivery....

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Courtesy of Auntie Em....Needless to say this was a HUGEEEEEE hit at our house..Some of the pictures are really blurry but thats because GiGi and Fatmna were moving too fast for me to get a good pic!!!

**Thank you so very very much for these toys they are awesome and I will def be getting more for them! They kitties LOVED LOVED LOVED them..(Fatman drooled all over the leopard one lol)**
~As soon as I find the 2 videos I have and figure out how to get them uploaded I will post those also!~
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Better you get blurry pics than perfectly focused ones of cats that are ignoring the toys.
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Yay! I'm so glad they liked their new toys!! It looks like you have a couple of nip heads on your hands!!
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They're having a grand ol' time, aren't they? Looks like the toys were a big hit!
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Im going to add some more pics today because Hercules who is my anti nip kitty actually played last night with one of the toys..granted he was all lovey dovey because he was getting brushed and snipped (he had some knots) but he actually played with one of the toys and looks so regal and handsome doing so!!!! So look for my pics of Herc actually playing for once!!! (Ill probably never get more pics of that again!!)
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Seems like he treat them as prey, glad he likes them very much.
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