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how dumb can you be?

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read this:

Men crossed two zoo fences prior to tiger encounter
Updated: Mon Oct. 05 2009 19:35:28 News Staff

The Calgary Zoo says two 27-year-old men snuck onto zoo grounds Monday morning and climbed over the public safety fence surrounding a tiger exhibit, where one man suffered serious arm injuries.
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Probably a bit macabre to admit, but I love stories like this, where nature literally takes a big chunk out of sordid examples of humanity.
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No sign of Darwin Award eligibility.

Has anyone heard how the tiger's doing? It might be a bit shaken up after that close encounter of the moron kind.
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I'm glad the tiger defended himself because unfortunately those two men were probably breaking and entering into the tiger facility to attempt to satisfy some "urges".

I believe within a certain community that is known as "fence-hopping" and he deserved to have more than just his arm mangled.

My apologies if this offended anyone at all, but that is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of any person sneaking into any place that has animals.

I would love to hear these men's explinations for why they did what they did. And whether or not he regrets thinking he could "tame the beast".
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Some guy jumped the fence at the local zoo a few years ago, and, although the tiger did not attempt to eat him , he was scratched (by a claw or tooth I don't know). He just wanted to pet the tiger, who is reasonably friendly with her handlers.

Here's the bad part---if he had not agreed to get rabies shots (he did), THE TIGER WOULD HAVE BEEN KILLED. So if someone "just wants to pet the kitty", that's something to remember.
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The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me.
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Never underestimate the depths of human stupidity!
What a pair of morons. I hope they stay in the shallow end of the gene pool and don't reproduce.
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From my understand the cat WAS a little upset but I think she's fine now.

There is more to the story though, apparently one of the boys knew a female security guard at the zoo. You can guess what the news was inferring about the entire incident!
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Stupid is as stupid does and as we say at the wildcat sanctuary, stupid does hurt. These guys got what they deserved
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It's a good thing that the tiger still had its claws
Seems like the Calgary zoo has its share of troubles - various animal deaths, including 40 of 43 stingrays, a baby elephant, etc...
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Remember the movie Cat people, when the man got his arm ripped off thru a fence by one of the cats? That is one movie image that I've never been able to shake off.

What a bunch of complete morons. They would have deserved the Darwin award had they been killed, but to think they might have endangered that poor tiger?
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