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Suggestions To Calm Cat

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What is the best product to use to calm down my 11 year old spayed Tinker Bell cat. Perhaps something for the new 11 month old kitten Paw who likes to terrorize the older adults into playing every so often.

My cats have been through hell since my husband brought home the new kitten Paw home. Long story short he is part of the family and want to work through everything.

My Tinker Bell hisses and acts scared when Paw looks at her sometimes. She runs away from the area at times when Paw walks near her. The problem is Paw is young and wants to play. He tries so hard to play nice. He just can't get a break. Can anyone recommend something that wont cost a fortune like feliway does. I was hoping to give individual doses to the pet who is in need of it instead of treating the whole house.

We do exercise the kitten. They all have their own beds. I know this is very hard on my older cats to deal with. I can't just give the new kitten away either for medical reasons and it has gone way past the time frame to do that. It's been 7 months like this.
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I've been using herbal calming spray from Petsmart. That and No Mark (it has the same ingredients as the calming spraY) so far my cats are at bay from their recent battles
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I'm really looking for something other then a spray for the home. I'm still treating for ringworm in the home and spray the house with health guard, lysol in some rooms where the cats don't go and I clean a lot with bleach. I feel a calming spray might not be effective with everything else I have been using. I don't know.

Is there something to add to their diet that would be effective?
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Valium?? Just kidding! Seriously, I think Paws is just being a kitten and there's really not a lot you can do to calm him down. He just has to grow out of it. Just make sure the older cats have plenty of place to go to get away from him and play with Paws A LOT! Laser Pointer, feather wand, whatever he likes.

Another option would be to get another kitten about his age so they could terrorize each other and leave the older cats in peace.

I do know there is something you can add to their water to help with stress (can't remember what it's called right now) but I don't think it would help to calm a kitten down, but it might make life less stressful for Tinker Bell. I'm sure someone else here knows what it's called, or look through the other behavior threads. It was mentioned a few times in one of them (don't ask me which's been a long day!).
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It's flower essences - Bach's Rescue Remedy:

Unfortunately, other than play with your kitten as much as possible, I'm not sure there's much TO do. Do the older kitties have much vertical space? Being able to get away from kitty may help.

I don't know about this idea... but the thing that popped into my head was to get another kitty - so they have each other to play with and (hopefully) leave the older kitties alone.
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Lol, I need the valium. Kidding aside, no options for another kitty. Yes, Paw is just being a kitty. Tinker Bell needs the help to calm down. I feel so bad for all the cats/dogs because life hasn't been the same since Paw came. Paw is just acting like a kitten and the older cats don't want to tolerate him, Tinker Bell is the worst about it. It's hard dealing with ringworm because I can't touch/hold all the animals like normal in fear of spreading ringworm. None of the cats are allowed on the furniture anymore and I try hard to keep Paw from exploring behind furniture and such to keep those areas as clean as possible. Thank goodness the dogs don't seem to mind Paw.

Feathers and strings are Paws favorite toys. And they can be cleaned.

Hoping someone here has had good experience using a stress relief aid that can be added to the diet. Looking for good feedback on one.
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Oddly enough, you can give cats valium on a short term basis. I had to give my cat some when we moved and he was a bit freaked out. Maybe a little new catnip? Also, you mentioned using bleach, not a great thing to use around cats for cleaning, can cause respiratory problems, be careful. Good luck w/ your kitties. They do manage to get along in most cases. I have 9 cats with my oldest being Muffin the 17 year old. She hisses at all of them, but they learn to stay out of "her space" and everyone gets along fine.
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
It's flower essences - Bach's Rescue Remedy:
Does the flower essence work for sure? Have you tried it? 25.00 for 1oz . I don't see on the site how much to use or how you administer it.
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Please do not clean your home with Lysol. It is extremely toxic to kittens and cats and the death is not pleasant. It is a slow, painful poisoning.

Your kitten is being a kitten. Is he neutered? Neutered will help. You can't get anything calming for a cat or kitten that isn't costly. Besides, many kittens won't even be affected by anything until they are fully matured. Providing Paws with interactive toy times like Da Bird will help him run off some of his energy.

I have found in fighting ringworm, besides just using what the vet gives you adding Grapefruit Seed Extract to their water helps as well. Just a few drops will help to keep the fungus at bay in a large bowl of water. You can also add a few drops to some warm water and immersed the kitty into a bucket of this without getting his head and ears wet of course! I just finished the ringworm fight and it was a long one. my dumpster kittens were loaded with it.

Unless you are having major fights with the other cats and Paw, just leave them be. They will work it out. I am not a fan of sedating a cat for normal behavior and your kitten is being perfectly normal.
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You can buy the Bach Pet Rescue Remedy here
It is very effective when placing a drop on your finger and rubbing it on the leather part of the cats ear.

You can purchase a few of the feliway plug in diffusers to keep the stress down of the new kitten for a while

You can also purchase a flower essence that is specially formulated for your kitties situation (you can also contact company to help choose the proper essence for your cats)
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Thank you all for the ideas. I'm still undecided if I will use anything to calm down my Tinkerbell. She stresses in spurts. I put Paw in the cat room for a short time when we need a break from his antics.

The herb drops are so expensive. Not sure I want to try herbs at that price. Money is very tight. Paw is just being a kitty and I know things will get better. He tries so hard to be a nice player . The real problem is the ringworm because we have to be so careful to not handle the cats. My cats miss the interaction with us and I miss it with them. The ringworm has stressed everyone out and we have had to change our way of life dealing with this mess.

I'm trying to prepare for my Mother in Law might have to stay with us and she may bring her cat . She knows what is going on in the house but she may not have any choice. It's Crazy.

If she does have to bring her cat I know I will have to do something to calm these guys down. Maybe I can get her to pitch in on the feliway so we can try that. Thank you for the links for the feliway Denali. That's the cheapest I have ever seen it.

hissy I spray the rooms the cats don't go into with lysol. No worries there. Thx for the grapefruit tip. I'll look into it. Do you have any links of information on it by chance? I have read that it is used as a home remedy to put directly on the lesion. That's it.
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