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Bare patch on tail, black dots under skin

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I've just noticed that one of our Maine Coons, Bruce, has a bare patch on his tail.

I noticed a couple of days ago that his tail was slightly matted with some black bits, so I gave it a good combing, assuming it was the remnants of a graze incurred while they were 'play' fighting. As a result of my grooming it felt a little greasy, so I decided to leave it to settle down.

Today I looked a bit more closely and noticed that there is a bare patch and the skin is quite mottled with tiny black dots under the skin. It looks remarkably like the cat acne that he has around his chin/lips (which he's always had mildly and which doesn't bother him so I don't treat). You wouldn't notice this area on his tail unless you really looked, as he has a very full bushy Maine Coon tail! I haven't noticed any excessive scratching, and otherwise his coat is fine - he keeps himself very clean. His sister, Sheila, has no similar condition on her tail. They both seem happy and healthy.

They are almost 3 years old, are indoor cats which are vacceinnated and wormed but not given flea treatments. They eat Royal Canin Sensible Dry food (as Bruce has a delicate stomach) and Bozita wet chunks in jelly. They are given no titbits other than a dental treat after I brush their teeth.

I did a search on this forum, and someone had fairly similar symptoms and after advice on this forum she found it to be fleas. I did try the 'blood' test (getting some black flecks and wetting them on kitchen paper) but I don't see signs of blood.

We're going away on Thursday evening for 10 days, so if I need to get him to the vet or treat him with either flea treatment or Malaseb (antibacterial and antifungal shampoo which the vet prescribed for the acne) I need to do it quite quickly!

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks

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Sounds like stud tail to me. The acne shampoo may help if that's the case.
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Whiteforest - thank you so much for your response. I've Googled it, and it does sound exactly like it! Bruce is of course neutered, but he does have some quite big black marks under the skin around his chin/lips area as well, so now I've heard of it it does make some sense.

It looks/sounds like it's not too serious, so I will try the shampoo before I go away, and take him to the vets on my return.

Unless anyone else thinks I should get an ermergency appointment?

Thanks again

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Of course it's always wise to get a vets diagnosis. Your cat has a history of feline acne which is related to stud tail and stud tail is not an emergency. It's your call.
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