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Cat moving out

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My daughter is planning to finally leave home (again) and she is moving into a big house with several roommates and several cats. She intends to take Mouse with her. Mouse is nine years old and has always been my daughter's cat. I don't feel real good about it. My fear is that it will be too much change and chaos for Mouse to handle. I wouldn't mind if daughter was getting her very own place. On the other hand, she may be right that Mouse will be happy there; there won't be any dogs and Mouse has always been afraid of our dogs. I'm thinking to let her try it for a week and if Mouse isn't settling in well by then, she should bring her back. Any thoughts on this?
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Aw, I feel bad for you, I know you must love Mouse alot. It can take more than a week for a cat (especially one getting up in years) to adjust to a new situation, so a week, IMO is not a fair trial.

How does your daughter plan to handle the adjustment? Will she keep Mouse in her room for a few days, then gradually allow her more run room, and do gradual introductions to the other cats?

Cats do not automatically get along like many dogs do, and she must be prepared for trouble in the "other cat" area. She should make sure all the other cats are healthy and up to date on vaccinations.

There may be some fighting among the cats, and it will be Mouse against (how many?) cats who are already used to each other and defending their territory. Mouse will need her own litter box and a safe place to go to get away from the other cats.

Some feliway plug ins distributed throughout the house can help a bit.
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Thank you. I will let my daughter know about your suggestion, as they all sound like good advice. Not sure she has even thought this through very well.
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I hope they're both happy there
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