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Daily Thread Tues Oct 6th!

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Morning peeps!

Wellllllllllll, we were kept up until 1am last night because our downstairs neighbours are rif raf, and kept their music on. DH went down to talk to him and he yelled at DH saying when we get ready in the morning for work, we wake him up. (Which is impossible because we creep around and barely make any noise). God love useless people with no jobs and no respect for others.

So needless to say I am tried this morning.

Off to work in a bit and then tonight coffee with a girlfriend!

Have a good one folks!
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Rainy day here, but i'm leaving for home in an hour

Ooooooh and i got a pay rise!!. I haven't even been here a year yet at my friends place but it's lovely to be appreciated
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
...DH went down to talk to him and he yelled at DH saying when we get ready in the morning for work, we wake him up...
I HATED living in an appartment for this very reason. Hubby used to work shift work & our neighbours actually complained about his using the microwave in the middle of the night to make his dinner!!! We got an official letter of complaint from the building about it, I was . They KNEW he worked shift before we moved in, maybe the should have put us next to other shift workers!???

The appartment manager got fired a month or two later...


I'm soooooo tired .

Been up since 6 since Lucas came and jumped into bed & then Tasha got out. So I'm super tired, with a crazy & super-tired toddler (we usually get up around 7:30-8) and a missing cat

Today is not going well so far...

And because I purged the house of temptation I have NO coffee . At least I can have a 3rd cup of tea...
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I'm working from home today. This time of year with everyone running around finishing up annual reports, there are fewer distractions at home (which is saying something with the cats )
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Had my lovely Barium Swallow,and waiting to take sis to work.Then, lay back down til hubby and boys get home.Then,all you know what--breaks loose.LOL!!!
Nat,Shawn works swing shift.So, I can't imagine being in an apartment and having peeps complain.Plus, with 3 active boys----oh my!
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
Had my lovely Barium Swallow,
sorry. I don't know which way I'd rather have barium..... Probally the way I had it rather than swallowing it, but I don't know. I hope everything turns out ok.


I actually slept last night

Went to bed late, but woke up late too.... didn't get up till 9 But that means I got bout 7hrs straight sleep

Not much planned today..... some tidying up, might make some banana bread, do some packing, etc.

Have a good day folks.
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Morning All!!

Cloudy here again today. Looks like it's going to rain soon.

Not up to much today, just puttereing around the house I have several chores I need to get done so I guess I will work on them.

The kitties are good this morning, chasing each other around the house like a bunch of banshees.

Everyone have a great day
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Good Morning! I was supposed to get up an hour ago to work on some school didnt happen! I feel like I am always exhausted and both my knees have been killing me lately...especially this last weekend at work. Im not used to waking up freezing! Its only 67 in the house, i know its like 50 outside...but still going from 100 to cold is something to adjust to! I am enjoying a cup of coffee. I have a morning class, then barn, then an afternoon lab and a night class. Remind me to never take a night class again!!! I hope everyone has a great day!
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Morning. Chilly here this morning, about 55. I didn't want to get up this morning either. Genever has been so bad lately about scratching the litterbox hood walls during the night. It's SO LOUD! And she does it for SO LONG! Sometimes she just goes in there to scratch the walls, not to use the litterbox! So eventually I took the hood off. And still she scratched and scratched... Sigh. Why does she do it??

Anyway... BF is supposed to make dinner tonight, he always comes up with awesome recipe ideas. I wonder what it will be today... I will be sure to eat a small and early lunch today so I'm hungry for my special meal!

Also today I think I will be booking my flight to England for November... was going to do it last night but then didn't. Best not to leave it too long though.

Chris, if you make some banana bread, can you PM me some?? Yummy!

Have a good Tuesday everyone..
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We're having the ceiling vent in the living room replaced today - the fan hasn't worked for several months and it's not just the motor, because we already tried replacing that.

I have to do the continuing ed today to keep my registration active, so I'm gonna take care of that (online).

Have several conference calls lined up this afternoon... and... we'll finish putting together the portfolio and allocation for an investor.

Oh - almost forgot - YAY! Great news! One of the private companies we've been working with needs to raise money. We introduced them to a really classy broker-dealer we thought was appropriate for them - and the BD LOVED the company - flew out to visit the facilities - and has decided to go forward with it - and sent the engagement letter yesterday!
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