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Tasha Escaped

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Been up since six which is pretty early for a pregnant lady with a toddler to care for too! Hubby let Tasha out this morning by accident, I'm not surprised she really rushes the door sometimes. However, she's an indoor cat & has never been outside for more then 5 minutes and she usually just stays near the door. She must have been hiding in the porch all night.

I went to look for her RIGHT after she got out (she won't come to hubby for sure) and she was NO where in sight. I even sent the dog out to look for her (which usually works). No luck.

Now we're just waiting until the sun comes out so I can see.

I sent Miss Kitty (who is indoor/outdoor) to go find her, and I'll get the dogs back on the case soon (there are real benefits to collies when the cats get out!!).

We live near a busy road so I just REALLY hope she went back into the cow field to explore and stays away from the road .

Lucas is already looking for his favourite cat "Asha, ASHA!!" (he's 17 months - I better find her!!)
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Oh no! I hope "asha" comes home soon. Usually, even the skiddish kitties that get out do come back after a little while. I wouldn't worry unless you can't find her by noon or so. Good luck finding your kitty.
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Its light out now & there is still no sign of her . Not a single twitch of that ridiculously long tail (at least I can't see her out on the road ?). I hope she and miss kitty are just out behind the shed hunting mice and such.

At least she's micro-chipped in case she can't find her way back, but I really doubt she'd go THAT far.

I don't feel comfortable letting her out at our house because we are so close to the road, but I have been starting to think lately that she may be happier in life as a barn cat. I guess we'll find out what HER decision is now...
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The field behind the house is all mowed from the cows & on either side they are pretty clear too so I'd be able to see her (or at least her moving in the grass). I guess she could be in the barn or out in the soy field, but if she's in either of those places I'd rather just wait for her to come because they are too close to the road.

I was REALLY hoping she'd see Miss Kitty & follow her back, but M.K. is happily chowing down on the bits of steak I left out for them & NO Tasha.

I went out to the road to get the mail, at least I didn't find her . I really do think she's smart enough to stay away from the road, I'm just worried she'll get scared by something (she hasn't been outside since she was younger then 8 weeks and she's almost a year & a half now) and run .
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Stil no sign of her.

Miss Kitty even came in, I guess she's tired of looking. I did let the neighbours know in case they see her but I'd be really surprised if she went that far.
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Come home Tasha!
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Have you left food out on the porch, along with something belonging to you?
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Come Home Tasha
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Did you notify the microship company that she went missing? if not, please do so ASAP.... The sooner you do it, the higher the chances of them recovering her...
Good luck
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Tasha you come home now, do you hear me, you come home, NOW!!!
No need to hide where your family cant find you, you will be safe from danger with them.
follow the vibes little one, you will be home soon.
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So sad...I have had times when my Meco decided to disappear for 5 days. I was so worried about the old boy, but lo and behold, he showed back up! Don't give up. Cats are good at locating their homes and I am sure she will come back home when she is missing her humans!
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I left half a can of food out for her tonight, that should be enough so she can have something in her belly but will still be hungry for more in the morning. Unless a skunk gets it.

I just don't understand it! She's only a year & a half old, she was born feral but she's been an indoor kitty pretty much her entire life & she just TOOK off with NO sign (she is fixed BTW). I'm surprised she'd go more then 10' from the house but I can't find her anywhere.

It even rained this afternoon (Miss Kitty called it & was indoors before the rain started so I left the porch door open just in case Tasha came back) and still no sign of her. There are lots of good hiding spots around the house though. I've been out at the road several times today so I'm positive she hasn't been hit (it's a rural highway if she was hit... there would be nothing we could do for her, but it's comforting to know she's not out there).

She does have a reflective collar on thankfully! She scratched the bell off (and me thinking she's an indoor cat I don't have to replace the bell...) but that's probably a good thing right now.

Every other time she's gotten out she's just hid under the bbq, smelled the grass then dashed back in (a couple times over the summer she'd just poke her head out the door). She's NEVER been more then a few feet away.

I'm worried she's not going to miss her humans, maybe Lucas but I'm sure hubby & I should could take or leave. She's still a wild-kitty at heart. Poor little guy has been looking for his "Asha" all day, she's the one that sleeps with him. Thankfully he's too young to really understand that she's missing.

Thanks for all the good thoughts guys, I hope she hears them!

I hadn't thought of contacting the microchip company but I will in the morning. I highly doubt anyone else will find her though, we're pretty rural & I told my neighbours she got out. Plus she's very very shy, so it would be hard to catch her to get the microchip scanned.

I just hope she's having fun out there.
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I had a cat that went away for nearly a month, and just walked up one day like he had never been away. Don't lose hope,she is likely just exploring.
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Tasha, come home baby girl. Your loyal servants miss you and are lonely without having you around to worship.

On a side note, she has been spayed, correct? And is up to date on shots? I'm concerned that if she's not spayed she's out searching for tom cats. And the last thing you need is for her to show up and have caught something from another kitty.

come back Tasha.

And it's true, at least you didn't see her on the road. I'm sure she's clever enough to be careful and stay out of trouble. let us know how it goes.
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Still not a whisker .

Spayed/UTD. When I mentioned to the farmer (next door) that our cat had gone missing he said if he saw anything he's let us know since he doesn't have any cats at the barn any more... I'm hoping the dogs scared them off but I'm not going to ask. (sorry ). They are the only ones for quite a while that I know have cats (on this side of the road). My first concern was that she'd run into that old nasty tom of his (the neighbour) who'd beat her up since Tasha is big but really slim. I guess that's not a problem .

I know our old neighbour's cat went off for 3 months and came back - but I can't believe this as she's an indoor. Plus it's been raining since yesterday & it's getting cold out there . Indoors are supposed to be too home-bound to go anywhere :S I guess it's just her wild nature taking over.

I'm sending Miss Kitty out on a search party again, at least she always comes back when I call!
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Things to do if you haven't:

Call all local vets and shelters. Even from a radius of 10 or more miles, call, cats can travel, especially if frightened by something.

Post flyers in the vet offices, in the shelters, on telephone poles, in mailboxes.

Knock on doors and ask people to check their outbuildings, under porches and garages. Trash barrels too. Or get permission to check, yourself. Cats get shut up in things. She could be in someone's shed, unable to come home. Or stuck in a trash barrel.

All paws crossed here.
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Those are good suggestions Otto, but we are surrounded by farm fields.

That red/white coverall is the farm, they keep the place pretty tidy so if she was hiding there they'd find her for sure.

Putting flyers in mailboxes is a good idea, but I'm going to give her another day to come home on her own. I really think she's just gone down to the river to hunt, I just hope something doesn't find her .

Again, she's so shy I'd be really surprised if someone actually saw her, she's probably just in the lean-to/barn 20' beside us and I can't find her under the hay-bales . I hope...
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Oh Nes, so sorry to hear about Tasha. Are there out buildings she could be holed up in? Maybe she is just to spooked to venture out of her hiding place. Pleas keep us utd and many for her to come in!
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Actually, indoor cats that escape out are sometimes too scared to come home. Put together a search party and go looking for her - under bushes, check up trees...

In the meantime put a litterbox that's used outside - familiar scents may help bring her home.

Please read up on how to find escaped kitties: http://www.lost-pets.org/content/view/3/1/

she comes home or you find her soon!
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Lucas and I have both been looking for her everywhere (Miss Kitty too). I think I'll set off into the cow-field tomorrow with Kayla & Madison, see if we can "find the kitty" (a command they actually know!)

The litter box is a good idea, actually there is already a dirty one outside because we just bought new litter boxes and hubby threw the old ones beside the house for a rain-wash in case we decide to store them.

It's been raining ALLOT the last few days though, hopefully going for a walk with the dogs will give her something to follow home (it's too dark now).

I'm really worried because we HAVE to leave this weekend. I think we'll leave the porch window open for her but I'm not sure she'll know to come in there (if she even comes back).
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Oh please - let the dogs "Find the Kitty!" Very cool they know that command!
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It's HILARIOUS, they'll search in a grid pattern then herd them back. Our Buster () used to get out all the time (old house), that's how they learned!! I did try yesterday morning with just Kayla but she couldn't find her .

As long as it's not pouring again We'll go for a big walk & see if we can find Tasha!

My poor girl, I hope she's somewhere warm with a tummy full of mousy.
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Is there any way you can set a humane trap out to try to get her? If she's nearby, she may well be too frightened to come out. If you did decide to try to set the trap, you need to check it frequently ( every 30 min or so) because if she goes in there, she's vulnerable.
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Thanks clix, I had thought of that, but I also know Tasha and being trapped in a little cage - I think it would make her actually crazy. She has trust issues to start with, I'm really concerned if we did that she'd never trust us again. She used to poo every time she'd see my husband, I really don't want to go back to that.

I'm going to try going for a walk with the dogs in a bit since it's nice out today, hopefully that will bring her home.

If I can't find her in a few more days (not tomorrow because leaving, so that's like Tuesday... ) I'll call someone else in to set a trap for her, that way it doesn't smell like us.

Thank you for reminding me though, I know my dad has one at the cottage, he's going up there this weekend & we'll see him this weekend. I'm going to email him RIGHT now to bring it to us.

Why did it have to be this week she ran away???? Or any week for that matter
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OH Tasha come home!!

Is there a neighbor that might be willing to check around the house while you are gone?
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Guess whom I just found????

We got all suited up, headed outside and set the dogs on her "Find the Kitty" "Where's Tasha"?

My original suspicions were correct, she'd hiding out about 20' from the house in the hay. She got really spooked by all of us coming around the corner at once (I didn't realize she'd be out looking for us at the same time!!!) so she's buried herself in the hay. I can hear her mewing trying to decide whether she should come out or not but I had to come back in. The toddler took his boots off & jumped in a puddle .

I put Miss Kitty out to go get here & the dogs are all out in the backyard too. Hopefully she'll decide to come back home soon!! I'm going back out after Lucas goes for his nap (around 12) to see if I can tempt her out.
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OH MAN! So glad to hear you have her in your sight! I am sure once the little one goes in for his nap, you will be able to entice her out. Just sit in the straw and try not to pay too much attention to her. Take something real smelly out like tuna. I bet she comes out and right into your lap! Let us know!
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Great news!! Hope she is inside safe and sound very soon!
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Thank goodness!
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Yay!!! So glad you found her! Now some come out of the hay for you guys!
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