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Tail of the Two Escapees...

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Today I had the shock of my life..

The new kittens (5 months old) were being kept indoors & upstairs with me (2nd story, probably 8 feet to the paved ground.)

Well my partner went to check on them, and found they had pulled down the fly screen from the open window. Well, I asked him, are they still there? (yes, they're all there...) well.. close the window.

2 hours later and I go to play with the babies. cuddling up with some of them, I do my normal head count... one... two... three... four.... five.... where's six & seven????!!! (eight is usually curled up on the couch with me)

My immediate thought. Oh my god. They've fallen out of the window. Thoughts of dead mangled kittens nearly choked me in fear. I Flew down the stairs...

Well. I found the two little monsters hiding behind the garage, partners in crime. No injuries. Purring in my arms again. Both active.

I suppose they landed on their feet? they must've been desperate to play outside lol to take a plunge that far down... I freaked and called the vet, who just told me to keep an eye on them... they seem fine, but it still scared me half to death.

Kittens are priceless lol.
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Oh My goodness! I can imagine the fear that went through you, it went through me just reading the post! So glad they are ok. We had the same thing happen. Only they are adult cats on the first floor. They got playing and in their craziness, jumped up to the window and accidently the screen popped out. Two escaped out of 7. Talk about panic. I had to call my husband because as I was doing a head count, I forgot how many I had! He must have thought I had lost my mind, because I kept asking "how many cats do I have?" Anyway, found the two outside. It could have been a nightmare because we are surrounded by woods and neat places for cats to hide. DH ended up screwing the screen frames in from the outside. We also use clawproof screen. I think I aged 10 years that day!
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I'm so glad your babies are okay!I've had one or two from time to time that get out,and it can take anywhere from a day to 2 or 3 to get them back in,depending on which one gets out.I'm always such a mess til they're back inside and safe.Where does one get clawproof screen?I didn't know there was such a thing...what a wonderful invention!
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I had a scare like that with Danny several months ago. Thankfully with him the BF was right there when Danny popped the screen out and caught him before he made it fully out of the window.

Sounds like those two are very pleased with their little adventure, . I'm glad they're okay!
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