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What my black cat does...

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It's the weirdest thing, but maybe all black cats do this I wish I could get it on tape when it happens!

Occasionally when I stare at her, she'll freeze up, stare at me, arch her back and lower her head, then run/hop sideways WHILE arched and head lowered, then rolls over and lays down, acting like nothing ever happened. All the while, she'll have this wild look in her eyes, it's really freaky looking! Haha. It's hard to explain...Does anybody else's cat do this?

Wonder if she'll do it on Halloween...hope I can record it sometime!
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When I was a kid in the early 1960's, our family cat would do the same thing as a form of playing, it was hilarious.

As far as color goes, he was a tabby.

I have not known any cats since that do that.

Although Morgan, our tuxedo cat, will pretend you are "after" her, when you are just walking down the hall. She bounds away like some demented cartoon character, apparently she see's it as a chase game.
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When my cat Coda was younger she would do the arched back, sideways hop thing. It was her way of telling us that she wanted to play and have someone chase her. It was the cutest thing EVER. She's not black though, but grey and white.
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Neither of my two black kitties do it. My two calicos and black and white one don't do it either. Too bad because it sounds absolutely adorable!
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All of mine except oh-so-proper Prissy do it, But the one who does it most is Smudge, my little black kitten. And it is so adorable! You're lucky to have a kitty that's so cute.
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Sneaky Pie used to (and kind of still does) that. She's a torbie, and we all know that torbies can have "Torbitude" .

Mistoflees never did that. He was always kind of laid back, and after he was "fixed" he was really laid back. Just one of the nicest kitties we ever had. And the one that we miss the most

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All three of our cats do it, occasionally. That's the "humpy-backed bottle-brush-tailed play with me right now" dance.
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April Joy used to do that when she was a kitten. She's a black and white tuxedo kitty. My mom's cat, Acupuncture, is almost 5 years old and he still does it. He's a grey and white tuxedo kitty. We call it the "crazy creature dance".
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LOL, here I thought only my cat did it. I'm glad other people know what I'm talking about!

I forgot to mention her tail gets VERY poofy - she looks like a squirrel! Hehe
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Of my cats, only Luvbug does that but only when he wants to play with Lil' Jag (his adopted sister). He doesn't even try it with Kuce because he views her as his mom - someone to respect.
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Sorry to hijack, but "Acupuncture" is the most amusing name for a cat! Pure genius!

This is just a normal kitty thing. Normal translating to insanely cute and ridiculously adorable!
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My Cat is completely black, and these few months he's starting to get a few white hairs on his body. What is that all about
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After over 15+ years of owning black cats, my experience shows me that only rarely does an all black cat stay all black. They usually start getting a bit of brown, or grey, or in this case White hairs over time. Kittie's coats change color as they age, just like people's hair.
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