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theyre following me!!

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Ok i brought this up before - how the tom cat was 'chasing" me. We had a schedule were i would feed the cats - go back in and get his wet food with medication. He would wait for me to do this and then wed both walk back into the field and Id feed him. He is now off the meds....

but still follows me and sometimes (like tonight) there are 2 others that follow along.

is there any tip to get them to stop?? Any noise - anything??? this cant go on especially since we are walking thru a parking lot

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Just to clarify - they're not staying to eat and follow you after you put the food down?
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Yeah, last night they didnt eat -they just followed me until i came back out.

I didnt know what to do - if food doesnt entice them to stay in their area?
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Hmm... I'm sorry, but I'm fresh out of ideas on this one! Have you searched recently to see if there are any foster networks in your area? Seems to me these kitties should be fostered and adopted out if you can find anyone willing to do it! They obviously want companionship over food at this point.

Maybe talk to the rescue that's helped - and ask them? This time of year, foster networks aren't as full as in the spring... ???????????????????
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thanks for the idea....

I can call around. I tried AGAIN to trap the tomcat this morning - hes all healed - but i was told shots would be a good idea.

He walked into the bigger carrier and I couldnt do it. I know shots are for the best - and i am getting a bigger carrier - but I couldnt push his tail in and force him in. He trusts me so much - that its one thing to have him walk into something comfortably and just lock it - then be forceful about it.

As far as being followed - i found that if i take out wet food a 2nd time (which is annoying) they will stay there. BUT following me is still not good - so im going to try coffee as i leave the first time in hopes that will cause them to back off.
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I know you're worried about the parking lot and road.

Something else to consider... apparently you can go to the classified section of and list kitties for adoption. Maybe try to take pics of them - and tell their little stories - about how their people just left them behind. You never know - maybe the right homes will find their way to them!
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Sounds like they like and trust you or they wouldn't follow you. And it sounds like they could be rehabbed into loving pets! I don't know what to tell you either.
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