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Passed my state CNA exam!!!

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I am officially a state certified nursing assistant.
I was so stressing about about this, as may have been noted in my recent posts about my crazy heart rate and various troubles, twists and turns, on my road forward. Thank you all for bearing with me!
I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me. There was a lot riding on me passing this state test. My Dad was the bankroll for my class and test and all pre-class medical stuff and all of it. If I failed, that would have been very, very bad.
But I did it, on about 2 hours of sleep, (to nervous to sleep) sick from a cold, so very nauseous from nerves and an ill thought out cup of coffee, and just terrified.
I almost aced the part that scared me the most, the skills test, I only made one mistake. The lady who tested me asked me if I presently work in the field because I did so well and seemed so at ease. Seemed at ease!!! That floored me! I am glad I came across that way though despite the fact that my brain was screaming "YIPE YIPE YIPE YIPE" the entire time and I could hear my heart pounding in my ears!
SO whew, on more hurdle cleared!!!
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Originally Posted by Trillcat View Post
The lady who tested me asked me if I presently work in the field because I did so well
I don't know you but reading this makes me feel good. Congratulations

Much serendipity for all your workdays!
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Congratulations! This is very good news and good CNAs are sorely needed!

Well done!
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I'm a CNA as well but not actively looking for work in the field.

I know how stressful that last test can be!! With the tester sitting there watching your every move and taking notes on her little sheet!!

I had to perform 5 skills not including hand washing, and the most annoying one I had to do was "assisted feeding" in which I had to feed my "partner" who was someone who barely spoke any english and not someone I went to class with!

Are you planning on BEING a CNA or was this a stepping stone to a bigger career in the medical field? I just can't see myself being a CNA at all in a nursing home (Where we are most needed unfortunately) because I just can't envision myself doing gruntwork for the rest of my life. Plus I'm not so comfortable around people. I took the class because it was cheap and I was bored and people were pushing me to do something.

If you're planning on going into the nursing field then good for you =) I am sure you are looking forward to a very rewarding medical career no matter which path you choose.
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I know what its like to take those hard state exams and the excitement that comes when you pass them. Good luck in your career as a CNA. I truly appreciate CNAs.
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You GO girl! With everything you've been dealing with - that is just GREAT!
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oh wow, congrats Laura
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Congrats!! I can only imagine how stressful the exams would be, but it sounds like you passed with flying colors! And, I have to say, CNA's have my utmost respect. When my mom was sick and in the hospital/nursing home I would get more info on her day to day health from the CNA's then the actual nurses that would give her her meds and shots, or even from the doctors that only saw her for 5-7 minutes a day. I became pretty good friends with some of the CNA's when my mom was in the nursing home. You guys are a life saver!
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I was a CNA as I went to get A further degree. I liked it. I worked in a nursing home, It was hard work but I loved talking to those old people. They kept me going.
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congrats! My Mom passed hers about 6 months ago
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A big CONGRATULATIONS!!! I, too, am curious as to what your future plans are. I was a nurses' aide (in a nursing home) and a home health aide for years, and I must say, I enjoyed it 90% of the time. You can become soooo attached to your clients, they become almost like family.
Best of luck, and again---congrats!
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Congrats!! I wish you the best of luck in the days and years ahead, with your new degree and everything else going on in your life. Super achievement! You should be quite proud of yourself!!
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Thanks evreyone!
I am not sure where I am going to go with this yet. I may take it further into nursing, into what, I just dont know yet, there are a lot of options! I am leaning toward working with developmentally disabled adults, but nothing is set in stone right now. Also thinking about Hospice work, though Im not sure I could emotionaly handle that.
For now I would love to get a job in a hospital, I did my clinicals at St. Marys Hospital in the cardiac ward and quite enjoyed the environment of the hospital, but being realistic that probably wont happen without any other experience, but thats OK. So I just plan right now to apply everywhere I can and hope I find somewhere that is nice, I hear many horror stories about working in nursing homes, being treated like a slave to the nurses, unrealistic patient loads, understaffing in the extreme. But, I am trying to think positive, not negative!
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Starting up the finding a good place of employment
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