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Any jaw clenchers?

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Just recently I seem to have started clenching my jaw - I think it coincided with the last 2 assignments I had due... I don't even realise I'm doing it until my jaw is aching like mad, which is usually followed by a headache.

I wake up in the morning with a sore jaw and headache so I assume I'm doing it through the night too.

My semester finishes in a month, so hopefully that will help, but has anyone got any tips on how to stop clenching in the meantime?
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I am one of those too.I clench mine at night so bad,my hubby often wakes me up--telling me to knock it off.
I don't know any suggestions hon.SORRY!! One or two of my meds,actually have that as a side effect.And the benifit of the meds,outway the jaw clenching.
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I am a clencher as well, have been for years. I will stop for awhile, then something will stress me out and I will start again. Mine started when I used to take diet pills 25 years ago.
I wish I could help.
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I'm also a night clencher and sometimes even also a day clencher. Sometime I do wake up with such a headache from hell. My dentist made me a mouthpiece that I wear at night. Apparently, when you clinch your jaw in your sleep you are also grinding it (that's the sound your hubby hears). It was expensive to have it made, but I've seen one's in the drugstores that you buy much cheaper and they are made for the same issue. I didn't think I would be able to fall asleep with it in, but if your headaches are bad enough, you'll get use to it.
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I clench my teeth too. I suffer massive headaches from it and I'm always paranoid I'm going to break my teeth. Unfortunately I have no idea how to stop it, but a cheap fix that may help would be to go buy a sports mouth guard. You heat them in hot water then pop them in your mouth to make the impression. It would give you something softer to "chew on" all night and may reduce the headaches.
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When I started using my c-pap, I noticed I woke up with a terrible headache and my jaw hurt so bad. I've even woken up with my tongue clinched between my teeth.

My doctor recommended getting a mouth guard at the local drug store. So I picked up
SleepRight night guard, it adjust to 3 different sizes. Took a few nights to get use to using it but once I did it really worked.

Now I only use it 2 or 3 nights a week and some times I go all week with out it. Just depends on the stress level at work.

Sarah the mouth guard are expensive but I was desperate for some relief.
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I clench and grind and its already played on my health as my dental and bone scans both show arthritis in my jaw Hubby says its cuz I talk too much LOL.

Anyways, I have a mouthguard for at night....thankfully it was covered by my benefits, as I believe it was around $800 for the custom molded made by my dentist.

For daytime clenching, I got into the habit of sticking my tongue in between my front teeth, if I start clenching, it pinches my tongue and problem solved. It took me bout a month before I got out of clenching..... still do it from time to time and can tell when I have been. My jaw aches something fierce.

If you have dental coverage, get a mouthguard..... clenching/grinding can cause some serious damage to your teeth, as well as other aspects of your health....which can lead to a lot more $ than the cost of the mouthguard.
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They should sell mouth guards in the dental section at your local pharmacy that may help. =) Even though you don't grind your teeth, a mouth guard may help cushion your teeth and help cut down on the soreness you feel in the mornings.
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Thanks for the hints guys! I'm actually going to the dentist for a cleaning in a couple of weeks so I'll mention it then.
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I only clench (and hard) when I'm seriously p/o. I usually start to realize about the time my bones start to ache that I need to CALM DOWN
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I am a night clencher/grinder when under stress and the mouthguards you can buy at the drug store for $30-$40 were a life saver for both me and the hubby. It took a few nights to get used to it, but after that I didn't wake up with a headache/earache and DH could get a good nights sleep because I wasn't grinding. (Warning though...make sure it ISN'T in the bedding when you wash it! After going through the washer and dryer you end up with just a ball of plastic! Hence why I went through 3 of them).

As for during the day, just try to relax. Easier said than done, I know. Maybe relaxation excercises, yoga, hot herbal tea? Good luck!
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I do! And I grind my teeth in my sleep too.

My dentist made me an appliance that I wear over my upper teeth when I'm sleeping so that it prevents me from clenching and grinding my teeth.

Once I started using one of those my morning headaches vanished.
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I've mentioned this in the migraine threads, but I have TMJ and my dentist highyl recommended the NTI-TSS device for me. It's not a mouth guard, but it's an appliance that goes on my upper, front teeth (most diagrams have it on the lower teeth, but I have a permanent retainer that would interfere). It prevents ANY contact between my teeth, and my body automatically releases pressure on my front teeth.

I have a LOT less migraines now, and my jaw pain has been non-existent for two years now.

Now, it's not cheap and many dental insurances don't cover it yet, but it's better than a mouth guard. My dentist even has an NTI and uses it every night. Best.purchase.ever.

However, if you just grind/clench due to stress, rather than all the time, it might be best to get a mouth guard from the drug store.
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Been a clencher/grinder since I was a teen. I threw out my mouth guard because I took to taking it out in the middle of the night...sigh. I have found that a light muscle relaxer taken at bedtime helps immensely, and they're not too expensive either.
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When I am stressed I clench a lot. Last year was bad for it and it showed up in my dental visits. I had cracked some teeth and fillings. The dentist suggested a pick up a mouth guard, which I keep forgetting to do.
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Thanks people, I think I am going to try that. I too am a night clencher. I all so bite my tongue in my sleep. Very painful and disruptive habit.
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