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Thinking of breeding please help

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Hi I'm new so please be patient.

I have a question I have a kitty who's a flamepoint siamese I've heard that's fairly rare and wondered if I could make some extra money offering him as a stud (I have six cats so I could use the extra cash). I need to know if this is a viable option because if it isn't I'm going to have him fixed. I know he'd prefer the first option but I don't know if breeders would be interested because he's not a purebred. His mommas a calico and his daddy's a siamese (poss with some persian) he's white with beautiful red gold markings, pink ears and the loudest purr. That's a
poor description I'll put on a picture it won't be very good because his coloring doesn't translate to film very well. Any Suggestions?

see next post for pic!
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I hope this gets the picture on!
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i'm not a breeder but I don't think breeders would be interested because it's not a purebreed cat.
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You might find one or two people who want to breed their cat with you, but not active breeders. You wouldn't find money in this. Even people who have large cattery's make minimal profits.
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I'm a cat breeder of Persians. AND no breeders over here [NZ] would be interested in him because he's not purebred and I think cats have to be 8 generations the breed intended. Sorry to dampen your spirits. Also if you don't have that much money you shouldn't be considering breeding cats, it's very expensive and time consuming.

Flamepoint siamese or as well call them over here apricot point are not that rare and I doubt if he's not pedigree then , that he is one.

Cat breeding is not about profit it's about love for the breed and wanting to better the breed.

My main point is money.

Welcome aboard the site!

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I dont think breeding is a good idea, I have been researching breeding for 5 years and am just now getting my cattery name, which does not me I am getting cats right now (Im planning on sometime next spring. I think he would be much happier as a pet. Its important to think if his health too, if you are leasing him out you need to think of what he may pick up, cats have sexually transmitted diseases and also things like upper respiratory infections, parisites and fungal infections like ringworm. I think you should be happy to have such a lovely cat who loves you back, I wouldnt do the breeding thing unless you really looked into it first.
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