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Signature Gone

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Today I saw my signature is gone. It was there on the weekend. I went to my profile. I can not find the signature link. Is the site glitching?

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My link is there

Go to control panel and edit signature should be the first link
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My Edit signature link is gone in my profile. Here are the links I have in my control panel:

Edit Email & Password
Edit Profile
Edit Options
Edit Shop Options
Edit Avatar
Private Messages
Sent Items

List Messages
Send New Message
Track Messages
Edit Folders
Subscribed Threads

List Subscriptions
Edit Folders
Event Reminders
Paid Subscriptions

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I have the admins look into it. I do know that we had an adjustment to the signature permissions lately.
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Are you having the Admins look into it katachtig?

Ohhhhh, I hope they didn't take signatures away from us new members.

Thank you for the help.
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Sorry about that! I was too quick to hit some buttons trying to fight off a spammer and I accidentally switched off sigs for your usergroup too. It's back now!
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Thank you very much!
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Unfortunately, your sig is too big and "Snax" will eat it if you dont fix it soon

We have a signature forum where someone can help you make one within size limits
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Hmm, I thought since the photos fit I was within the limit. I had to remove some text for the photos to fit and for the site to accept my temporary sig. My daughter is in the process of making me a new signature. Thx all.
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