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New to the forum!

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Hello to all...I am new here and wanted to introduce myself...my name is Karen and my husband and I are fortunate to share our home with two little Geriatric furkids...Our youngest, age 9 come August 15, you will OFTEN know me to refer to as The Tiff or Tiff the terror...in spite of her age she is a little one woman WAVE OF DESTRUCTION and makes us laugh at every turn...We have had her since age 3wks...Yes, she is a bottle fed baby and totally spoiled and loved. She is mostly white with grey ears, tail and a grey patch on one side and grey "pantaloons"! Our boy, Pumpkin, will be 13 come Dec. 1...we have had him since he was only about 11 months old! He is a big ol' 17.5 pound ORANGE lazy boy...a more layed back, RELAXED furkid, you will NEVER find! He is quite the love and sure takes some unwarranted smacks from the Tiff on occassion! Sadly on May 28 of this year we had to tell our Prescious little Kricket goodbye...she was in kidney failure...we got 17 months with her after she was diagnosed...We miss her terribly still...The Tiff hasn't expressed much regarding Kricket's absence, but ol' Pumpkin has let it be known in no uncertain terms that he misses Kricket...she was the Grand Matriarch of the household and made it apparent to the end.
Len and I are the "cat staff" here and we are rewarded tremendously on a daily basis by those we "serve"!!!

I won't bore you further, but I do look forward to visiting the forum often and getting in on the wealth of information that I am sure is shared here!
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Welcome to the site Karen! You won't bore us talking about your kitties, as long as you don't mind listening to us talk about ours.

Since you are owned by older cats, you will probably be interested in something coming up very soon on The Cat Site. From July 1-15, renouned cat author/behavioralist/lecturer Amy Shojai will be here to answer questions specifically about aging cats, in support of her new book on the subject. Watch for a forum called "Sharing Golden Moments" beginning on July 1. (See the official announcement thread Here )
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hi i am new also and will love to hear about your kitties, sorry about your loss, been there, its so sad, but it sounds like you have one there that will keep you busy hope to get to know you on the board and happy posting
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To All who have welcomed me, I thank you and do look forward to MANY HAPPY RETURNS to this forum...Forgive me if I have not replied properly, I am still feeling my way around here...I look forward to visiting all the many sites here and seeing EVERYBODY'S GORGEOUS FURKIDS!!!

Val, I believe it was you who mentioned that Amy Shojai would be in the forum in July...I truly look forward to that...Our Prescious little Kricket(rb) will be featured, as I understand it, in her upcoming new book...I truly had hopes that Our Girl would be able to still be with us when the book came out, but alas...that just was not to be...Kricket would have been 19 on August 1 of this year...we went back a very long ways together...In fact, she was with me longer than my hubby has been!!!

Again, hope I have posted this reply correctly and my thanks to all who have replied!
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Welcome Karen !
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Welcome to the board Karen! I hope you enjoy your time here.
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Jenn...I went thru most of Spike's Gallery...will RETURN! What a little doll! And Sam...while I have no dogs of my own, we do have our "grandpup" Elmo...he will be 9 on October 27 and his "mom" travels quite a lot for business so he stays with us...He does beautifully with our big Orange boy, Pumpkin and he WOULD do well with Tiff the Terror...she just will have NONE of it...I have to maintain a DEMILITARIZED ZONE the entire time he is with us as it is The Tiff's mission in life, I do believe to "kill Elmo"!!!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome and again, I continue to look forward to visiting and enjoying this foyer!
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Hi Welcome to the boards. Show us some pictures of the furbabies when you can
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Hi Karen, welcome. I am a newbie also. Glad to have you aboard. Hope to connect with you more.

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Welcome to the boards! I am sorry about the loss of Kricket, but at least she will live on in your heart and in the pages of Amy's book. I love your board name, it is one of my favorite movies of all time.
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Welcome! Happy posting!!!
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Originally posted by catbalou1943
Jenn...I went thru most of Spike's Gallery...will RETURN! What a little doll!
Thank you! I can't say I disagree. But really, it was very nice of you to look through some of his pictures. There should be some new ones coming out, probably the first week of July. (shameless plug. )

Do you have any pictures of Pumpkin, Tiff and Kricket? I know you mentioned Kricket passed on. I'd still love to see pictures of them all though.
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Hi Karen and welcome!

Thanks for sharing about your furbabies... i enjoy reading about them.

Smiles and Cheers!
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