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Sorry- more pre-contest contest help?

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1. Lazlo (our first rescue)

Lazlo scared feral baby boy:

And now....

2. Flowerbelle configuration A:

Flowerbelle then:

Flowerbelle now:


3. Flowerbelle with Daddy "Now" alternative: (This one is kind of consistent with her "then" picture because of being in Daddy's arms...)

4. Billy


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You don't make this easy, do you???
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Argh! They are all wonderful transformation pictures. I will have to think about it.
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LOL!! They are all really good pictures and transformations!! I can't help you because they are all beautiful
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We just find it so hard...

Flowerbelle is our favorite because she is just soooooo darling and SO happy to be alive (and she gives kitty kisses all the time!). ...but
Lazlo is our favorite because he's our first. ...and then...
Billy's my favorite because he's soooooo friendly, trusting - and loves me so much.

...Of course - Spooky's our favorite, because she's so vulnerable.
...and Shelly's our favorite because he is so full of personality and soooo sweet.
....and Tuxedo's Daddy's favorite, because Tuxedo bonded to him like glue and we/he all had to fight so hard to keep him alive and he is SO full of spunk and life.
....and last, but not least, Ming Loy's our favorite, because her cerebral hypoplasia makes her so insanely cute.

We're not considering these for the contest, but we actually have Spooky outside:

Spooky then:

Spooky now:

...and not long ago we discovered we had a pic of Tuxedo outside we didn't know about (the only one we have - he's all filled out for winter):

Tuxedo now:

Ming Loy was only scared or shy when at the vet, and we have no pictures of her then.

...and Shel was only scared outside - we don't have any pics of the babies outside.
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uh oh..doesn't look like we are much help
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I had to vote for Flowerbelle in Gary's arms. How can you resist that picture?

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I voted for Flowerbelle, but Billy is a close second
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I know - Billy was so skinny and pathetic looking - and now he's fat and upside-down happy!

Lazlo is STILL our most "ferally" feral. ...but Flowerbelle had SO many health challenges/hurdles, poor little angel.
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OK - as of right now, the first three each have 5 votes! You guys are no help at all!
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Laurie, you are having as much trouble as me! I vote for Lazlo on the ground of facial expression - you can see the fear and then the happiness on his face.
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