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DEADline 10/9/09 Please Help!!

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Due to a loss of property 11 house cats that we have had must be removed. Unless I can find homes for them by 10/9/2009 they will be destroyed. The cats range in a ge from 7 years to 2 years old. I have males that all have been fixed and females. These cats are wonderful and loving. They are victims of unfortunate circumstance. We are heart broken and can not sleep because of this. Each cat comes with a FREE litterbox, FREE food, FREE litter and FREE delivery to NY, CT and PA. Please help save a life. Please, I'm begging....
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Try contacting local rescues. Another option is to check Yahoo! groups for leads on rescues that are national in scope, especially if any of the cats are purebred.

Why would they have to be destroyed? Do you have a local Humane Society or SPCA to give them a chance at being adopted?
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The shelters as you know are filled to the brim. They offere them for adoption for about one week then it's the death chamber!!! I have been lucky enough to have found homes for some. I started with 21! I believe that I will be able to find homes fo rthe others through means such as this but I need more time. I need a facility to hold the rest for about 1 month.
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Sending prayers and vibes that you find some alternate homes very soon You could also try call programs for the developmentally disabled and even the Methodist church, to see if anyone is interested in a companion cat and/or willing to foster. I know that in addition to being "open heart" to people with alternate lifestyles/religion, etc. the Methodist church considers the Word to mean that we were given "Stewardship" (as opposed to "Dominion") over Creation, including caring for the animals that are brought into our lives.
Bless you for placing 10 so far
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Thank you so much for your kind word encouraging words!
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You said you need to keep them somewhere for a month, could you board them at the vets? Or let family watch some?

Good luck!
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