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What I saw made me ill

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I was at a tag sale yesterday with Rene. I was walking around looking at the sales when I saw this young woman holding a gray kitten in her arms. The kitten couldn't have been more than 6 weeks (at the MOST) old. I went over to talk to her and admire her kitten. The poor kitten was like a dangling doll with very soft "meows" coming from him. She told he that he was born in a barn and that he had no use of his legs. I felt awful!! I told her it looked like he could use some water She said "I just got through giving him some chocolate ice cream." When I told her it wasn't good for him, she said "But he liked it." I walked away angry and sad at the same time.

I'm sorry to say this but the poor kitten should have been put down. I'd be surprized if it lived another week that's how weak he looked. He couldn't even raise his head. Why oh why do people put animals through that kind of torture for their own selfishness???
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But she was lucky it was you. I have found that I can resolve these situation by being confronational.

See....I woulda just beat her up.
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Oh no, I hit the wrong buttonand this post went away. Maybe it is all for the better. I won't be repeating what I typed here. What I will say is this kitten is being abused under the guise of the woman's love for her *pet* It would be so much better to consider yourself a caretaker, instead of a pet owner. The level of care might be increased ten-fold if people thought this way.
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What a tragedy! The suffering endured by our animal friends is too great to contemplate. I agree with Hissy, that the concept of "owning" animals is barbaric at best. We are, indeed, their caretakers! We, as a species, have much to answer for when the final accounting is taken.

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I agree totally. To keep an animal alive for yourself when it is obviously suffering is so cruel and selfish. They need us to do for them what they cant do for themselves.
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that breaks my heart.

I hate stuff like that because it lingers with you & you feel bad for a long time.
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Oh my god, donna....I would have snatched the poor little thing away from her, and said, I will take care of it. ASnd then I would have tried to bottle feed the poor little thing, oh my gosh this has angered me terribly!!!( Not that you didn't take the kitten away from her, because under the same circumstances, I would not have been so brave, either).... but that someone would be ignorant enough to feed a obviously sick kitten chocolate ice cream!!!! What a moron!! Poor kitten!!!
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Lord! I cannot even write what I want to here. Let me just post about the other issue. My cats own me!!!
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I'm with tricia2skeptica. I would've taken the kitten away from her and slapped her upside the head and told her EXACTLY how it was and how I was going to take care of it! And then I would've takent he kitten to the vets and then home to be pampered if it was going to have a chance of surviving. But that is just me and I hate seeing anything suffering at the hands of what I call "stupid morons" like her. I have no problems at telling someone how I feel when I am up against someone stupid like that!
sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone if I did!
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Barb....you didn't offend anybody, I'm sure! I wholeheartedly agree with you!!!!!!!
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By the way, not to change the subject at all, but I just noticed you are from Iowa too!! That makes 3 of us here! There is another woman from Noxville Iowa here! Where is Clinton Iowa?
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