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Cat Sitter DVD...a HIT!

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The other day a friend gave me a Cat Sitter DVD that she found in some things she was disposing of from an estate sale. I put it in my computer last night and called Ziggy over to watch it! He LOVED it. It has scenes lasting several minutes each of gerbils, squirrels, fish, a parrot, butterflies, etc, all with a background noise of chirping birds.

Ziggy watched for over an hour, and would occasionally look behing the monitor, etc. I finally cut him off, as I needed the computer. Before turning it off, I snapped a couple of photos:

Watching the pretty butterfly:

Going in for da kill:

I can't wait to try my other 2, and see if they catch on as quickly as he did!

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I bought a dvd for my three earlier this year and they loved it, especially Jack
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John used to set a chair up in front of the TV for Mika to watch Meercat Manor. She loved that show.

Bijou would rather lay on either John or I and be snuggled.
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Oh that second picture is toooo funny!

We've been thinking about getting one of those... maybe we'll have to go for it!
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We have 3 volumes of the cat sitter DVDs we play at work and they're a big hit with all of our clinic cats. Our biggest fans are Bipsy and Hector, both of which will watch them for hours, frequently attacking the screen.
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Ziggy looks so cute in the first pic as he concentrates intently on the screen. Then, he's hilarious in the second as he opens his mouth as wiiiide as he can.
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OMG! That is so funny! Maia is so beyond watching the TV, computer, mirror, she makes me feel ridiculous when I do so
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We have a squirrel one of the dogs that the cats really like . Dogs couldn't care less!!
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I love that second photo! DBF and I will go to youtube and find cats soon as our kitties hear the meows, their eyes get big and they start looking for another cat.
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How adorable! Maybe I will consider getting one myself!
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