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from the zoo...
this can be moved if I put it in the wrong forum.was at the zoo the other day...
and got these

all done with manual focusing

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they are my favorite animals!! GREAT pics!!! <3
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Aww, I love eagles! The university I currently attend has a huge Raptor Center which rehabilitates and sometimes rereleases all birds of prey. My university's raptor program has rehabilitated many golden and bald eagles, and two select ones [ones that unfortunately cannot be returned to the wild due to injuries, health issues, or human trust issues] are used in the football team's pregame routine.

War Eagle

I was there for that flight. She flew so low over us that I could feel her wingbeats!
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Those were clear and excellent shots. They seemed like posing for picture taking.
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sometimes I think those 2 eagles do actually pose for ya..
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Very beautiful pictures!
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great pictures

I love bald eagles is wierd around here if you don't see at least one a day.
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