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Meet Conan...

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Actually, meet me! Lol. Im new to the forum. And I just wanted to say that i have 1 cat and one kitten. My oldest cat is a grey domestic shorthair and my new kitten is orange with white stripes. Cutest thing!

Anyway, i found this video and i wanted to share it with you all as a part of my "hello"
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Love those B&W kitties. Welcome!
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OMG!!! I laughed my butt off!! Gaw is he ever cute!!! Welcome to TCS!!

(trust me when I say I needed a good laugh today!)
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Awww What a precious little guy!!!!
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Aw, so cute! What a little lover Conan is!
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Oh how sweet!!!! That used to be Rosie's trick when she was a baby
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Very cute video. However, from your descriptions I'm guessing this is not your kitten. We'd really like to see pictures of your kitties.
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