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The longest day!

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Well, after doday, we are leaning towards winter...

Today is the longest day of the year. I just LOVE this time of year, well, all spring and summer actually, when the evernings and nights are getting brighter, and it´s actually also kind of nice when we able to use candles again towards the fall.
On this longest day the sun came up at 02.55 AM and will set at 12.03 AM. So, since the sun is under only less than 3 hours, we have daylight all through the night, since it would get dark a couple of hours after sunset and bright couple of hours before sunrise, it never gets to the darkness.
When I was younger I loved to read during the night without turning the lights on.

I only wish we wouldn´t have to sleep during summer, it seems such a waste, sleeping when the sun is up! And the nights are so beautyful, still and quiet, just the sound of birdsong (they must have problem sleeping in the light ) and of water if you are close to the sea or a lake or a river...

Just love it!
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Sounds Wonderful!
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It really is. What I have not done though, is to be in the north part of the country this time of year. In some places, the sun doesn´t set at all for some weeks, just goes allmost to the horizon, moves along there, and then goes up again. I hear it´s magical!
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