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Psycho Kiddy

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I was just going through one of my scrapbooks and came across this page of "Kiddy." He was my daughter, Rachel's cat. I love the Psycho Kiddy picture on the bottom right! Any ideas on what kind of cat Kiddy was?

Here's another page of Kiddy.

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Kiddy's gorgeous! I can't help on the breed though, Sorry!

He doesn't look like anything we have here in New Zealand, Maybe something in the U.S.A?

Good Luck! Sam
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OH he's great!!

Looks like a little tiger Maybe he is a Maine Coon?
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Hey Sicy!

I thought that but his nose doesn't look correct for a Maine Coon.

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He looks like a mixed breed reddish striped with whitish features....a beautiful cat anyway..LOL No way to tell for a fact unless you have papers...everything else is speculation only!
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This one really has me wondering.

He's not a Coon or a Forest Cat because of those round set low on the head ears...... Hmmmmmmm
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I would say Maine Coon.
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This is a Maine Coon.

The Maine Coon was developed in U.S.A and is the official cat of the State of Maine. It is a large breed and males can reach up to 8kgs in weight and females up to 5 kgs. They are solid, rugged and well suited to survival in a harsh climate, having a waterproof coat, but they also tolerate hotter climates with ease. The semi long coat has a longer ruff and full bushy tail, requiring moderate grooming. They are playful and very vocal cats but have a chirping trill rather than a meow. Gentle and affectionate they are not a lap cat but like to sit next to their owners and follow them around. A little reserved with strangers, they make good hunters.

See how this cat has the correct ear setting.
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I was thinking he might have some Maine Coon in him. I'm sure he's a mix though. In the winter his fur would be as long and almost as full as my Persian's. He was not only a pretty cat but a very nice cat! And a good hunter! He loved to hunt mice and birds. Excellent mouser!

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Maine Coons always have those little points on their ears. I don't know if a cat with a "coon" mix would show this.
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He's probly a mix like my Zoey
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No, Not all Maine Coons have furnishings n their ears. You can tweak them off and dah-dah gone
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Zoey looks like a Russian Blue mix to me.
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More Korat....
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Yeah she's more Korat.

I had the pleasure of seeing a Russian Blue and a Korat at the cat show last weekend and she definately looks more like a Korat
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Ok here's another scrapbook page I found tonight. This one is Peaches playing peek-a-boo in the laundry hamper! Sorry but I love to show my kitties off!

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OK.....Zoey looks like mostly a Korat, Russian Blue mix.......anyways..a very beautiful cat indeed.
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Thanks Slave

And Peaches is so cute!!!
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Thanks! Ok this will be the last one.... The first page is Peaches when I first rescued her (doesn't she look sad?)and the last page is now. I think she looks so much better now!

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Hey dont apologize! LOL I can post pics of Zoey all day

Look at this beautiful Korat.. *sigh* Looks like my little boo.

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That IS a beautiful cat and does look quite a bit like Zoey! Those eyes are absolutely stunning!
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Originally posted by Sicycat

Hey Hissy, there's a couple of calm ones for you LOL
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If I ever figure out how to work my damn scanner, I will post a few pictures of my "Ragdolls" They are quite different from most breeds, and they are the only children that I have.... so that makes them extra special to me!
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Ragdolls are purty
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And some gorgeous Korats and a few calmies of Zoey! What a good way to end the night
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Please do! I love ragdolls too.
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He could be part Maine Coon. Toes is.
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