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Daily Thread Monday Oct 5th!

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Morning peeps!

Just farting around on the computer before I head to the shower. Not much going on today. Work, and then off to the gym. My upper body is still killing me from the last workout but one must power through!

Really nothing else going on though...................Trout woke me up with a jingle toy this morning. When I get up to take it from her, she hides is I think the next time I see it I may throw it out

Anyhoo, have a good one folks!
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Shelter day today. I missed last week, since I was working days.

Gotta get ready to head out to Massachusetts on Wednesday for a funeral/service/memorial/whatever for Dottie's brother.
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DH is off to work. Gave my Goofy cat his insulin. I am taking the neighbors 5 rescued cats to a no kill shelter tomorrow. So I am going out to get some Feliway to use in the carriers. Another cloudy start here in western New York. Will try to get some more wood up today. Its going to keep getting cooler from here on. Have a great day.
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It is definately a Monday and I need to get feeling better if I wanna leave on Thurs.

Just going to spoil myself today....relax under a blankie and dose up on vitamins n' such.

DH is gone till tomorrow. (goodness, I love saying that....rather than gone till Friday )

Oh I have to slip out sometime and get a new cooler to take with me on my trip.

Have a good day folks.
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A gorgeous sunny day here, but it's getting a lot cooler

The fur kids new bed arrived this morning so i can't wait for the next hour when i leave to get it home for them My team SS things from the Cats Protection arrived, and their great as well

I'm so ready for my lunch, but i'm waiting until i get home because i have a lamb casserole in the slow cooker that should be ready in a couple of hours
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Morning All!!!

Cloudy cold and very damp here today, poured rain all night and it sure does feel like it. Still working on getting my energy back not sure what else I can do been eating very healthy meals and such.

Guess it is going to be one of those things that take time. Going to ask the Dr when I see him on Wednesday about B12 shots, to boost my blood levels.

The kitties are watching for the garbage truck it's there Monday morning ritual..They can hear it long before they see it and as soon as they see it they run and hide. Silly cats.

Everyone have a good day
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It's cool and drizzly here this morning. The rain is supposed to clear out by noon today, but it's going to be cooler than what we've been having with a high of only 65 or so. I was woken by strange clinking sound in the kitchen this morning. When I went to investigate, I found that Thufir had knocked the trash can over and he was trying to get the last scraps out of the can I fed the kitties last night. That convinced me it was time to get up and feed the cats.

Nothing exciting today. Just work, then a trip to the gym, then home for a quiet night with the kitties.
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Good morning all!

Didn't sleep very well thanks to Luke. He had the zoomies all night and the bed was often in his cross path.

This drizzly cool weather doesn't help with waking up either. It's cloudy and 57 F right now.

Kind of busy day planned. Have to run some errands for Josh, then school, then more errands, then home to cook and study.

Anyway, hope everybody has a great day.
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Morning. Been a busy last 2 hours at work but I'm slowing down now. Had lots of boxes of files to go through and mostly throw in the recycling. It's always nice to have a clean-out. Not sure what else will be happening at work today, I have a feeling I'll be goofing off a bit in the Cat Arcade thingy, assuming my boss will be playing his online computer game with my other boss who is home in Utah til tomorrow. I SHOULD wash my car after work today but I probably won't. Lazy lazy. Oh well.

Have a good Monday everyone.
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Got out for a walk and bought our berries today. Other than that, just work. Scheduled a couple of conference calls for the next few days. Set up a bunch of Doc appts for Gary. One of them -the next avail appt? Dec 17. Totally nuts!
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Oh yeah - 2 weeks and 1 day until MIL arrives. Love her - she's really sweet - but she also drives us batty quickly. Too sweet, if that makes any sense.
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Good afternoon everyone.

Not much to say here about Beth's life lately... It's been dull and boring since I moved again and I'm living in a cramped little room in my grandparent's basement.

Cody and I have been trying like hell to find work so we can get out of here ASAP but so far no luck... Today will be the same I guess. More looking and no luck.

Maybe I'll talk him into going out to the pumpkin patch, or if I'm really lucky, to look for the rest of the Star Trek collection on DVD.
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