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SKitterskitterskitterCRASH! SKitter. Cry.

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Loudmouth has been feeling frisky tonight. She's finally coming out of heat and she is rampaging through the house, all claws out for superior traction. Everyone else was asleep before she got started, but she wasn't having that. She zoomed around the room pouncing on everyone until she had all 3 other kitties zooming around with her. They are jumping on the furniture, doing ninja flips off the walls, making flying leaps from recliner to ottoman to bookshelf, taking turns chasing each other and terrorizing my apartment... (all the while, my very proper kitty Prissy is just looking at them from the back of the couch like they are idiots)

I was yet again sitting here reading posts when from the other room I hear :

skitterskitterskitterCRASH! (cringe) A short-lived moment of silence followed by another skitter, the sound of a kitty zooming under a bed, then silence.... then a wail that made me think one of the cats must be dying!

I obviously had to go investigate and I found a confused Smudge kitten covered in potting soil cowering under the bed next to Mama Loudmouth who is also dirt-dusted and fluffed up like there's a big scary monster. In all their cavorting, they managed to knock a plant off my desk, and apparently got showered by all the dirt. (Hmmm... that empty space in the middle of the mess kinda looks like a kitty silhoutte)

Poor Smudgie. I think the little guy got the plastic pot directly. My black kitty turned brown. He had all his little claws out and his tiny tail all fluffed and his grey eyes were HUGE. When I picked him up he stuck to my shirt like velcro and made that wailing cry again, like he was saying "what jus happened?"

He's still sitting here with me, staying warm after a quick bath, and is for once content to just sit here and be still and be quiet.

Meanwhile, his older sissy is currently dragging a plastic shopping bag around the living room, hitting her nose on the floor every time she tries to take off running with it and steps on it.

With cats, who needs late night tv?
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Yep, that sounds like a bored kitty alright
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Oh Funny! I could just watch cats play all day. (Actually I think I have).It seems late at night they get a second wind. But yours sound like a tornado!
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It is rather like a tornado when they all get going! They honestly run laps around my house, around the living room especially! If I only had a video camera....
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Brings back memories from years ago. I was listening to my crew running around and about and there came a crash from the bathroom. Someone had run into the bathroom window and cracked it. But looking around all I saw were kitties asleep or quietly grooming themselves.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Brings back memories from years ago. I was listening to my crew running around and about and there came a crash from the bathroom. Someone had run into the bathroom window and cracked it. But looking around all I saw were kitties asleep or quietly grooming themselves.
It always amazed me how innocent they look. There was a loud crash last night. Someone knocked over the chair. When I get out there they are both pretending to be sleeping. If they could talk I know they would say. Wasn't me. I don't know .
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We don't have any TV! You're right - with cats, who needs it?

Quick off-topic question - I thought Loudmouth was preggers with a third litter back in early September and she was getting spayed then? What happened?
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She was having a false pregnancy after she tore out the screen (I knew rabbits had those, but cats?) and once the vet realized it wasn't an actual pregnancy, decided not to try to spay her then as she was still heavily producing milk. So they told me to keep her isolated from the other kitties and sh'ed be dried up in two weeks. Yeah right. She's just now finally dry, but apparently, it's "fixing" season, so I made the appointment two weeks ago and she goes in at 7 am tomorrow, no ifs and or buts. And I'll be so glad...
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Kittens....How do you save them from themselves? Its always leap before you look.
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all goes well!
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You know, Binkyhoo, you're absolutely right. With all the crazy things that kittens do, I am amazed that they grow up to be cats!!!

To LDG, thanks. I'll let u know how it's going.
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Well at least your household isn't boring?

That's one of those moment you just have to laugh at them, even if they look pitiful. Too funny!
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Oh I did. Little Smudgie just looked so pitiful he got the giggly "aaaawwww". Little tyke is so much trouble. But just so darned cute. Loudmouth however was "not amused" and as soon as she belly crawled out from under the bed, swatted at the pot and started a vigorous cleaning of herself.
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Hahaha!!! Thanks for the giggle!! I love the "wasnt me" looks! Sounds like your house is defintley a fun place to be! Id love all that kitty action!
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LMAO! That's too funny!
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LOL that reminds me of whenever my cats get caught on something. I was downstairs when I heard a loud crashing sound upstairs, and thought somebody had fallen down the stairs. I went up to investigate, and saw a long strand of ribbon (for wrapping presents) leading up to my mom's room. There under her bed I found Kitty huddled in the corner tangled in the ribbon . There were a few knocked over pictures that were on the table next to my mom's room

Also, I left a bag on the floor, and Sasha went in it to play (she loves playing in bags for some reason). A few minutes later I see her tear up the stairs with the bad caught on her foot, once again running under my mom's bed. I've learned not to leave any bags on the floor lol.

It's funny how cats freak out and run instead of staying calm and trying to get undone from what they're tangled in
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