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Question of the day - Monday, October 05th, 2009

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Inspired by the Rio 2016 Games, the question (s) today is (are) about the Olympic Games!

  • Do you like the winter, or Summer Olympic Better?
  • Do you make a point to watch the opening events? Or you don't really care? Do you cry watching it? 'Fess up!
  • What is your favorite sport to watch?
Coming from Brasil, we never really had a tradition of winter Olympics, so they don't really feel like Olympics to me...

The opening events is a BIG deal for me - bring on the popcorn, and stay home watching it - it is awesome!! yesssss I cry... every time!

Gymnastics, and Volleyball are sports I can't miss - and then of course every year there are the sports that take your breath away for one reason or another, like Phelps/swimming this year ...
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Winter olympics for me. And I even got a letter in track in high school!
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Used to watch the winter sports with my mom. Skiing especially. Really don't care anymore. I haven't seen Olympics for years.
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I don't really watch either on purpose. If nothing else is on I will though..
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I enjoy both the winter and the summer Olympics. My favorite in the summer is the diving and winter is gymnastics and figure skating.
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I'll watch em if there's nothing on, but aside from that...nope.

I like watching gymnastics and skating.
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Winter olympics for me.
I usually don't watch the opening ceremonies, but I love watching the skiing events.
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I don't mind a few of the winter things, but no interest in summer stuff. Don't care for sports of any kind.
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Cool Question!...

-Summer Olympics.-....
-Love to see the openings try to be at home (when I can) to watch it...
-Swim, volleyball & Equestre competion my favourite...
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I like the Winter Olympics better. And yes, I always watch both the Opening and Closing ceremonies, and yes, sometimes I cry. I can't really pinpoint one particular sport as my favorite.
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Like both - but looooove watching the opening and closing ceremonies. Great way to learn about the history and culture of a country.

Winter sports I enjoy watching are figure skating and snowboarding. For the summer games I like gymnastics (artistic and rhythmic) and diving.
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I would have to say I like the winter Olympics best. I generally don't watch the opening cermonies. Being Canadian it isn't really to hard to guess what my favorit sport would be...Hockey....
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I definitely like the summer Olympics best. I watch gymnastics, swimming, and diving religiously. I have ever since I was little.
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Summer. No question. I watch as much of the equestrian as they put on television! (which is upsettingly little ).

I was SO glad I was home for the Beijing Olympics (with my first born) so I got to watch ALL of the show jumping, some of the dressage & a little eventing. It was also the world equestrian games year, so I've been a super-happy camper! Too bad we're at the end of the Spruce Meadows season and there will be nothing until Spring again .

I do love the hockey in the winter though & the skiing.

Yes I watch the opening ceremonies. No I've never cried over them though not that it's hard to make the pregnant lady cry! I find them more exciting & interesting then inspiring.
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I like the winter olympics better. I usually watch the opening ceremonies, but can't say I've ever cried during them. One thing I would prefer is to see the actual events and not just the "up close and personal" stuff and selected performances by the Americans.
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I don't care much for either because it messes up my regularly scheduled programming. That said, I will watch equestrian in the summer games and sometimes watch skating in winter, but that is only when there isn't anything good on or I have run out of movies to watch ")
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I like both. We usually watch diving, equestrian events (our daughter and I met Ian Miller and Big Ben at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto and she was thrilled to bits - a girl I worked with babysat Ian's children when they were little and had invited Jennifer and I to share their owner's box at the Fair), skiing of course, figure skating and speed skating. I used to do a bit of speed skating in high school.
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I'm not that much into sports, so I don't go out of my way for any Olympics, but if I happen to be around and looking for something to watch, I enjoy the skating in winter and equestrian stuff in summer. Opening and closing ceremonies bore me to tears, so I don't bother.
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I like both - hockey, snowboarding, swimming, gymnastics, marathon, track & field. I too wish they would cover more equestrian events (who really wants to watch ping pong).
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Ahhh no not really interested.

I think it's boring actually... If I watched, I'd watch for the wipeouts I'd probably end up seeing on "Whacked out Sports" in the future.
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I love winter olympics. I like to ski myself so I love watching the skiing.
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I used to like watching gymnastics and skating... but ever since they broke it up into summer vs. winter and something's happening every two years.... it just doesn't seem as special to me.

But we don't have TV anymore - haven't for years.
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i like both

summer a tiny bit more
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
our daughter and I met Ian Miller and Big Ben at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto and she was thrilled to bits
That was 8-10 years ago!??

Actually I was there that year with my school group...
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