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Thor - growing up

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Here is Thor (my mom's rescue kitten). The last photos he was about 4 weeks old.

I took these today - he's about 10 weeks old He is so precious!

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what a cutie!!! there sure is some mischief in those eyes too!!
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Thor is a very handsome boy.
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he's a cutie!
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Be still my heart! Thor is adorable. He looks like my Raven did as a baby (from pics his foster mom sent me). Keep us updated!
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Wow, he's purely shining black! I like his eyes and ears the most, very handsome guy.
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He's adorable and looks full of mischief. Thanks for sharing.
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He looks like an accident waiting for a place to happen!
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Thor hear him roar! He is precious! He looks like he is going to grow up to be a big kitty! Some ears, eyes, and paws to grow into!
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Yep I agree that little Itty Bitty Ditty Little Kitty is going to, if not already be hanging from your curtains Very cute!
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