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Wet food dilemna

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I have two one-year old cats; one male and a female. Lately, they have been getting very picky about their wet food and are barely eating any. I was feeding them EVO 95% chicken and turkey, which they use to LOVE, and some wellness grain-free flavours, but in the last month they have been refusing almost every kind of wet I've been giving them. I've almost exhausted my search of "good" brands and will soon have to venture into the FF, friskies, meow mix route if I can't find something they like.

Anyways, to come to my question. The flavours that they will at least take a bite or two of are the ones with fish in them. If I find a fishy flavour that they will eat consistently, is it better to feed them fish wet or no wet at all? I am worried about possible UTI problems with feeding too much fish. However, since neither have had any, is it better to take the risk, or have them on an all dry diet instead. They are currently fed a 50/50 mix of EVO and TOTW dry which they seem to be doing quite well on. They both drink enough water, I think. Coda my female, almost only ever drinks from the bathroom tap, and will meow at us to turn it on for her. She drinks from it several times a day. Nico, my male, mostly drinks from the upstairs water bowl and will often reduce the water quantity by half (he drinks from a big soup bowl). He also drinks from the downstairs water bowl (but the diminishing water level isn't as apparent in that one).

So if my search for a wet food they'll eat isn't fruitful, then I won't even have to worry about my question. But should I find something, and it happens to have fish in it, should I feed it to them on a daily basis?
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IMO, if they are healthy, feed the fish.
My Bugsy, a 2yr old male is allergic to chicken, so the diet here, except for Hope's who eats only ZiwiPeak, is mainly fish based, wet AND dry.
Dry they are all on Orijen 6-fish and Acana Grasslands, for wet Bugsy eats Tiki Cat, every day, which is 100% fish.
Now, this is no FF, or cheap stuff - this is Fish based, but High quality Claimed Urinary Tract and CRF safe Fish based food.

Often times, the problem is really not the fish,but where it is caught, and how it is processed. So, depending on what brand and what fish you are feeding, and if your cats are healthy.... go for it, feed them fish.
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Another option would be to still feed the EVO 95% and Wellness but mix a 12 oz can of that with a small can of friskies/fancy feast. Make it smell differant but it is still healthy. Kinda like chocolate covered fruits/veggies
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I don't know... I rather feed fish than nasty by-products and chemicals any day... but that's only me
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If you are concerned about adequate water consumption, invest in a pet fountain. I know my foster boys drink much more water with the Drinkwell in the house than they did out of the sitting bowls.
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For me I am 50/50 with the fish or by products.. as fish or fish meal can have by products due to it being grd whole ... I feed by products and very little fish as I have to PH / uti issue boys

By products in wet food are MUCH more likely to be organs or meat parts that are fine for cat s just not human appitizing , due to how it is made

I do like the mix idea after all I do like some gravy on my potatos
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For me - I have a variety of cats of all ages - some with a history of UTI issues some without any UTI issues. I have enough that I open a 5 oz can of high quality food & another 3-5 oz can of "junk". I have some fish eaters, some non-fish eaters. I found that if it wasn't junky pate, Margo ate no wet food - so I settled for fishy/junky/pate for her. To me any wet food - junk or not - is better than nothing.
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I'm still searching for something they'll like... I have a few cans left of some of the better stuff to try before giving them FF. One thing I haven't tried yet is Tiki Cat. Next time I stop by the petstore I'll definately get that for them to try. What is the consistency like? They will only eat pate or similar consistency food.

Another option would be to still feed the EVO 95% and Wellness but mix a 12 oz can of that with a small can of friskies/fancy feast. Make it smell differant but it is still healthy. Kinda like chocolate covered fruits/veggies
I wish that would work. But, NOPE! My guys smell something they don't like and they refuse to touch all of it.
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IMHO meow mix pouches and cups are still a decent food that many like ( read labels many are fish laden )

there are MANY brands between evo and ff /// do you have a pet big box store near?
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My boys LOVE Tiki Cat! Its pricey though. I've only fed the chicken one and it is shredded chicken and gravy. I switched them to Weruva shredded chicken and gravy which they love as well and is a bit cheaper, although still pricey. The one they eat is Weruva "Paw Lickin Chicken"

p.s. I'm having the same problem with my boys. They will eat Tiki or Weruva shredded chicken and Fancy feast. Everything in between they turn their nose up at!
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