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Halloween decorations

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year! And I can't wait until all the little ghosts and goblins come out for candy, but until then I have a weird question, how soon is to soon to put up Halloween decorations?
How soon do you put yours up?

Thanks for your help. I just can't wait!
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Now! I love all things fall/Halloween too. My philosophy is, why waste the effort if you can't enjoy it for more than a week. I usually decorate with lots of cork stalks and pumpkins so it's easy the transition to Thanksgiving - just remove the spider webs and ghosts and replace them with a few gourds and pilgrims.
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My parents used to start putting theirs up in the last week of september.

But they did some major extensive things to their house like boarding up the windows and running speakers outside to hide in hay bales in the front yard that made spookey noises.

One year they even built a coffin and put this creepy dummy in it that rolled it's eyes and chattered when kids walked by.

I love halloween, it's my favorite of all favorite hollidays. When I get my first house I'm going to go crazy with the decorations the way my parents used to. Scaring little kids is so much fun!
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I think first week of October is fair game. We have some corn & a small pumkin out front but that's it so far. I LOVE halloween!! Growing up in the midst of a big city I used to go all out to the point where little kids wouldn't come to our door...

No we're pretty rural so it's really not the same, but I will be getting the house all decorated after we come back from Thanksgiving .
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October 1st!!

I LOVE Halloween. I've already got my inside decorations up (much to the chagrin of the kitties who have had many of their lounging spots taken over). Going to the specialty store tonight or tomorrow to see if there are some neat things to put on the balcony....
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Im going to the store this week to pick up some Halloween/Thanksgiving stuff for the house to decorate. This is the first time ever Ill be able to decorate myself and do it my way. I want pumpkins carved and stuff in the windows and hopefully orange lights to decorate the bay window...Im excited but Im really just getting ready for Christmas decorating and doing the tree and outside and everything its going to be awesome!!!!!
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Oct. 1 - decorate for Halloween
Nov. 1 - decorate for Thanksgiving
Weekend after Thanksgiving - decorate for Christmas!
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I'm so excited! I can't wait to put all my SPOOKY things up!!!
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