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Protective Mother

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My cat gave birth to a kitten and it was about 8 and a half weeks old now and is explorein the basement and even coming up the stairs to the main floor.
Whenever the kitten comes up, the mother will either sit at the bottom of the stairs, in the middle or on the first step and meow constantly for him to come downstairs. Its kind of seems like she doesnt want him upstairs for some reason.. But we dont know why

The kitten of course doesnt listen to her so she is usually meowing for about 10 or 15 minutes until he actually listens, but yesterday she started coming up again.. But she seems very hesitant when shes upstairs and doesnt come when we call her, she just sits near the basement door.

We are fixing her in a couple weeks .. Will that help in any way with her weird behavior?

Also, any ideas to why is she acting like this?
Motherly instincts? Or something else?

Please help !
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Just like mothers in the park watching their children, you cat is acting the same way. Our sweet little cat Spot used to drive us crazy when her baby Beeba was downstairs or upstairs without her. If he was downstairs, she would call from upstairs incessently for him, and vice versa. Sometimes he listened, sometimes he didn't. She would come up to him with a fake mouse in her mouth and use it as bait to lure him away with her. Maybe it has to do with the ocs (only child symdrome). There will come a point where he will be getting on her nerves and this over protectiveness will end. Until then, nature will take it's course. Just look at it as a mirror of human behavior. You will laugh about it someday.
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Perfectly normal!

Peaches is always keeping a watchful eye over her kittens while they explore new places. When they were smaller she'd pick them up and return them to the nest but now she just lets them run & play just watching to make sure they don't get into TOO much trouble .
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I agree with my colleagues, but I want also add the momma cat seems to be afraid of the upstairs. Right?

If upstairs IS allowed area for her, work with it.

A feliway diffuser upstairs may be of some help too, so she feels more comfortable and secure being upstairs.
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