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Daily Thread: Sun. Oct. 4

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Ok, the kitties woke me up today, and I'm a little annoyed with that. I am soooo tired.

No sense going back to sleep, I have to drop Kendra off in bout 45mins.

Today is dealing with snakies, I want to do a good thorough clean....and we didn't get to it yesterday.

DH ended up getting a new computer yesterday yup, I'm jealous LOL. I want a new toy But I should be able to tear him away today, to help with the slithery ones.

Another rainy cool day..... If I remember, we don't usually get this weather till end of Oct.

Ohhhh, we got DD's Halloween costume, and finally found her some mitts.

And that's bout it here.

Have a good day folks.
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As I write, it's Sunday night. Spent a lot of hours playing Sims3.
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hi all

its just after 1pm here, going to work in a couple hours

i was going to get some new fish for the tank but i think ill leave it untill next week

have a nice day all
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*yawn* just waking up here. Getting the caffeine levels turned up so I can start doing things. Already fed the cats and let the dogs our for their morning run. I've got to finish the toys that I started last night and do some odds and ends on my web page today. And the house is in desperate need of a vacuum - everyone seems to be shedding a lot more than normal right now and I can't figure that out because it's getting cooler here.

Chris - what's your daughter going to be for Halloween?
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post

Chris - what's your daughter going to be for Halloween?
I have one devil, and one dead vampire bride'ish creature
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
I have one devil, and one dead vampire bride'ish creature
You'll have to post pictures!
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
You'll have to post pictures!
oh indeed I will. This is Kendra's last yr. (my personal belief is if you are out of elementry school, then no more trick or treating.... but she can still dress up and help hand out candy)

speaking of which, I should grab candy soon before its all sold out.

I'm going to dye Kayleighs (devil) hair.... there's this foam dye, that washes out in a few washes, that we use.... not sure if I'm going to try a red or black. The red doesn't show too well in her auburn hair, so I may do black and that way she can share it with her sister (the black will go well with making her look really pale).
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Off to church in a bit, and then who knows what else!
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chris could you not dye it the black and use a red hair mascra type of thing (i used to have a bright green one )
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Originally Posted by -_aj_- View Post
chris could you not dye it the black and use a red hair mascra type of thing (i used to have a bright green one )
ohhhhhhhh..... great idea.... I could put red streaks in it. That would be awesome for my lil devil.
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or even the spray stuff im not all daft you know :P
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Awake and not happy about it. Yesterday I went shoping with a friend for her halloween costume pattern and fabric. She's plus size (considerably), and there are no ready made costumes for her size. Since i sew costumes, and such, I offered to make her a costume. She'll be a gypsy. There are a handful of true plus size (as in over size 20) costume patterns out there... so she picked one and we got the fabric for it.

I have some homework to do at some point this morning for my Monday night class. And a ton of reading for the Tuesday class. I think I still have 100 pages left. And then some writing on three of them (short non-fic pieces).

I have this distinct impression I'm coming down with something, which is not good considering I've started classes. But I'll tackle it somehow. I have to be at work today, but I have most of the morning to do stuff... like get caffienated, do some homework...
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I went to IHOP for breakfast this morning and now I'm all full and happy. I love sitting in there and leisurely drinking coffee and eating pancakes on a Sunday morning. Cool and crisp here this morning. It's a little cloudy, but nothing very thick. I think it will be sunny later. I'll probably spend the rest of the day writing a paper. I may take an afternoon nap if I can manage to fit it in.
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It's a very rainy Sunday here. Been raining since midnight last night and there are no signs of it slowing. There's a least a 30% chance of rain every day this week!! But at least that will keep the temperatures in the 70's.

Josh's cousin is having a housewarming party this afternoon and then I have to go up to work for a bit. Other than that it's tidying up around the house and studying for the day's agenda!

Kitties seem to be enjoying the rain, they're treating themselves to a very lazy morning!
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Morning. Been up since 7:30, didn't sleep well because of a STUPID CAR ALARM that has been intermittently going off all weekend. Like a chirping sound. But loud enough to keep you awake. And ANNOYING.

Also got woken up that early because of fire trucks, sounded like they stopped nearby so I looked out the window, and there was SMOKE!!! Scary that is was an actual fire and not just a bunch of trucks with sirens for nothing.

So since we were awake then, I decided to go downstairs and try to find which car it is making the noise. I found it, there was already a note taped to the window by someone else, so I put another note on it and got the license plate number and then called the police to report it. I hope they get a ticket. And now that i know which car it is I will keep calling the police every day if i have to. This has been going on for days and days.

I also looked to see which building was burning, whether it was the highrise 2 buildings across or a smaller building beyond that that we can't see from our place. It was the 2 story building on the other side of the highrise. Black all out the 2nd story windows. Smelled like fire too. No good.

So, it's sunday 9:30Am and i've been awake for 2 hours. I am not a morning person and usually have to set my alarm for the 10:00 football game. Not a good start to the day. But not as bad as for the people who's house burned this morning.

One good thing is it can only get better from here, right?

Have a good day everyone...
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You'd hope it could only get better from there! What a way to wake up.

I woke up at a reasonable hour this mornng for a Sunday and lay in bed reading! Luxury, luxury, luxury! Made hot greet tea and had juice with Gary. He's been playing with his new phone, figuring out all the features (waaaaaay cool phone for his bday last week). Did download news and stock programs for it, so he's been plugging away putting in portfolios and setting those up.

Heading out in a few to do shopping, and will come home - do the vacuuming/dusting today we should have done yesterday.

Completely rearranged the front of the RV in terms of cat stuff - and the last two days they have been running around like nuts, playing with each other, sleeping in new places - and with each other! They're loving it.
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OH! Totally forgot to mention - THE SUN IS OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About time!
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