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New addition

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Hi everyone,

I am officially the new meowmy to a new tale of survival.

My friend Dianne recently rescued a kitten that had been abandoned and found running in and out of traffic on a local bridge. The kitten which I have yet to name is a lovely Calico with a black splotch on her nose and striped legs.

She is also a survivor of a flesh eating infection that began on her tail. A week after bringing her home Dianne found the kitten to be looseing fur on it's tale she took it to the vet who put her on meds for ringworm. The meds didn't work, they think it wasn't ringworm now and her tail became necrotic and started to die.

Last week Dianne and I pooled our money and had her tail surgically amputated. She is doing fine with a bobed tail and the fur is starteing to grow back on her shaved rear end. She will have the elizabethan collar on for another week but she is doing well and there is no sighn of infeftion in any of the other tisue.

Dianne is keeping her at her house with her outher cats until she is all better and I can afford to take care of her. I am currently unemployed so Dianne said she would keep her in 'storage' for me until I get a job. She is such a little angel. I will post pictures if I can.
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What a heartwarming story.

Congrats on your new baby, and I hope things continue to go well. I'm glad she has somewhere to stay untill she can come with you

Do post pics of the new sweetie when you can.
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Awww... Congrats on the new addition, and thank you both for being so very kind in saving this precious kitty !! I Can't wait wait to see pictures of her! I am so glad Dianne is keeping her for you as well too for both of you
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Awww...Rhonda..you both are angels for saving the cat! She will be such a wonderful welcome for you and all you have been through. Please posts pictures when you can!
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