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October 2009 Photo Contest Submission Thread  

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The theme for October 2009 is in honor of National Feral Cat Day on October 16th: “From Wild to Mild!” (This is a change from the original plan, but we think more appropriate for this site )

This is a 2-part entry - a before and after of a feral/wild/stray cat in your life. They can be outdoors in a colony, barn cat, now pampered housecat, foster who was socialized...just showing the transformation in learning to trust and being comfortable.

NO CATS CAN BE HARMED FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS CONTEST! Mildly annoyed , yes, but not actually harmed (pretty much goes without saying).

1.Only one entry per member per month, but you can change your mind and submit a different photo during the submission period.
2.No photo that has been featured in a past TCS Calendar can be submitted again. However, photos that were not in the top 3 (or 4 as the case may have been) can be resubmitted if they apply to the theme of the month. Additionally, photos can be submitted for more than one month but can only be voted in to the Calendar (top 3) once.
3.Rights to the winning photographs are granted to www.thecatsite.com for use in future TCS projects made available for purchase to other members and the public.


1. Photo and all rights must be owned by the submitter.
2.Photo entry must be at least 480 x 640 pixels, with higher resolution/size availability (by email) preferred.
3.Photo must be clear, focused, not manipulated by Photoshop (basic altering such as cropping, brightness, etc. is allowed) and apply to the theme of the month.
4.Photos that do not necessarily meet #2 and #3 can be entered, but will not make the final voting rounds.

Please be sure to tell us the name of the kitty(ies) in the photo, for award/future purposes.

The prize will include points, a custom signature and bragging rights for having the first, second and third place Ms. or Mr. October. The 1st place winner will also have a copy of the 2010 Cats of TheCatSite Calendar sent to them when it's finished. The calendar will include at least the top 3 place cats (possibly more depending on how close the votes are) from each monthly contest!

We also need to mention that winners will be asked to email full sized versions of the photograph to a moderator, and winning images will be used for future TCS projects made available for purchase to other members and the public (see above).

Deadline for submission is October 17, 2009.

All members, moderators, admin, and site owner are eligible for this contest.

For all 2009 Photo Contest Themes, click here!
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Scared baby Ophelia, very much a feral kitten:

Ophelia now, a spoiled little princess:

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Ophelia Rose a urine soaked petrified kitty (back then known as "Lola")

And now....still slightly deranged, but generally speaking a very nice kitty

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My little feral Hope the day I got her:

and now... the Queen! (just don't tell Lucky!)
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Here's my Freya when we first found her and brought her in:


...and here's Freya now:

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At the shelter, this was after we had her a while, and about 2 months after I started working with her and could get her out of her cage without being bitten

link to larger size

and now

link to larger size
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Miss Cally on her first visit to flirt with the boys.

The princess now, approving (if only barely) of the accomodations
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here is Apollo when Eileen and her friend first caught him

and here he is now with his gorgeous orange eyes
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My jumpy little semi feral Jack who was outside with his siblings and his semi feral Mum until the Cats Protection were call out to rescue them and socialise them

Still a little bit jumpy at times, but he's getting there

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From a hissy and cranky little feral kitten

To a Majestic and Beautiful (still pretty hissy and cranky) Princess!

Both Princess and Nemo (Actually all of my cats, but Princess and Nemo are brother and sister) were born to feral cats, we had the Mama's fixed and returned them to the colony. Princess Mommy is just now starting to let us pet her though Maybe she will one day join her kitties inside
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Baby Cat last year when she adopted us very skinny and very pregnant

Baby Cat now, spayed, filled out and quite happy to be a housecat
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Oh Heidi, what a great idea for October! These are some amazing pictures!

We're going to have to decide which ones to use.
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Sydney then

and now

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Logan - born to a feral mama cat underneath a local library. One of the local cat rescues took in the mama & her kittens. The mama cat was trapped, spayed and released.

Logan at 7 months old (taken yesterday)
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Luvbug then (he was underweight - by at least 2 pounds - stray).

Luvbug now (he's in the foreground)
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Swat was rescued (along with his brother Bitty) from beneath a barn when he was approximately 5 weeks old. He came to us very frightened, dirty and sickly looking.

And now, after more than 6 years of loving and pampering, he has become the king of our home. As you can see, all fear is gone. He LOVES to have his belly scrunched and mooshed and tickled. Presenting, his royal majesty, (in his eyes anyway), Swat!!

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Oh, my! What a fantastic idea! And it warms my heart so much to see how comfortable and loved and happy these formerly feral kitties are!

I gotta go through my pics of Larry.

I love this thread and seeing these pics!
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Would Xander qualify for this since he was a stray living on the street when Eileen rescued him, even though he wasn't feral?
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Yup, in the first post Heidi included strays. It can be so hard to tell sometimes (at first, anyway) whether they're feral or stray.
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Smudgey kitten She was found separated from her mama out in the wild and in a bad state. She was very underweight, smelly, had diarrhea and not expected to survive.

And now, my big healthy 9lb girl

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Wow the differences in the state of all your kitties is amazing! Great pics, they are some lucky cats!
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Some of the "after" pics are just amazing -- the transformation. Makes me wish I had a rescued stray to share. I have fosters - two that were strays - but the change in them physically is not that big. Biggest change is in Ghost who was a surrender ...
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Aw, this month is making me tear up (in a good way). It's gonna be sooo difficult to choose!
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Tubee was only a slightly feral kitten since he was so young, but was a stray and slightly feral, we could only touch him when he allowed us to and did a lot of groweling and hissing at first.

First day home

About two years later

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Originally Posted by proudmomof3cats View Post
Tubee was only a slightly feral kitten since he was so young, but was a stray and slightly feral, we could only touch him when he allowed us to and did a lot of groweling and hissing at first.
I can't imagine that sweet itty bitty baby Tubee hissing and growling. That had to be the cutest thing ever!

I have to say that the pictures here are really blowing my mind. I was hoping for the best, but man...these are amazing! The transformations from such scared little faces, raggedy and sickly bodies to full and healthy and gorgeous cats - wow! I really don't know how we'll ever choose!
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Ok, here is Xander's before picture. When this was taken, he was living on the streets around Eileen's house and was skinny and hungry with a sore on his head. She also reminded me that they first thought he was feral because of the way he acted in the trap

And here is his after picture. As you can see, he is quite relaxed and in no way skinny

Its too bad we won't be doing scary kitties this year, I have the perfect picture!
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These are all so heart-warming!

Peaches 27 of July (notice my join date...)

Hubby brought her home from a dairy barn, he was actually meaning to take her sister but she jumped out of the box & Peaches came running over instead. Best decision she ever made . This was actually the day after hubby brought her home so she'd been cleaned up a little! She was sneezing snot EVERYWHERE. Her right-most claw on her right paw had actually grown around & into her pad. She was dirty, smelly & covered in fleas.

3rd of September.

Watching her kittens play in the living room; she still has a little weight to gain but no more sneezing or sniffling, she's a much happier kitty
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Lucky Pierre and his siblings moments after his feral mom brought her kittens out of the woods and delivered them to our house. A tornado passed thru those woods a few hours later. Lucky is the red kitten in the back. His siblings had FeLV and did not survive. We estimated that these kittens were about 3-1/2 to 4 weeks old at the time.

Lucky Pierre 6 years later. Although he is allowed to go outside when he wishes to, he prefers the comforts of a warm house over the great outdoors. He spends a lot of time in cat trees and sleeping with the other cats in our bed. Here he is chilling in the living room.

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Oh Amy! What a big rolly polly kitty! He looks SO warm and snuzzly to cuddle with!
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