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Found the fourth kitten

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I found four kittens the day before yesterday. One got away and I couldn't get her. I stopped by work, because my sister was working, I was telling her and the owner, my friend about them in my bathroom and I started crying because I couldn't keep them and I didn't want them to get put to sleep and my friend said she could take them, and foster them until they were big enough to get spayed and neutered. So that was a major relief, except I still couldn't find the forth one.

Yesterday I took the three to the vet, they all had goopy eyes and runny noses. The vet said they didn't look too bad, I asked for them to get a convenia shot so my friend wouldn't have to give them all antibiotics twice a day. Then I told the vet that my friend was sick (crohns) and the drug she was on suppressed her immune system so I asked if there was anything she could get from the kittens. And she said she didn't think it would be a good idea for her to keep them. My friend was really upset, she just got the diagnosis of crohns and this was just one more thing she wanted to do but couldn't.

So the babies were back in my bathroom. About five minutes before I had to leave for work yesterday I hear this mewing outside, I hoping it's the missing baby and not a whole other batch! It took me a while to locate her because when she heard me she stopped mewing. But she was in my car. I'm pretty sure she'd been there since yesterday! Which means she'd ridden around with me for a while. The poor thing was covered in grease and oil. I gave her a quick bath in the sick. Her eye was matted shut, so I tried to get that open, as soon as I did discharge just kept coming out, then I put ointment on it. I knew she must be so hungry so I got her to eat as much as I could. As soon as I put her with her brothers and sisters I heard one of them start purring away.

I brought them to the humane society and I was so, so sad. I wish I had more room here. I feel bad.
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You did what you could.

The vet was wrong, though. Your friend is human and couldn't have caught anything from these kittens that she couldn't catch from going outside and touching soil - in fact people are more likely to make your friend sick, not any animal.
This seems another case of how docs overreact about reptiles and salmonella, and pregnant women being around cats.

I wish for the best for those little ones.
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You have a big . God bless you for trying. That is more than 95% of people would have done.
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They are off the street now and they will be cared for. You have given them a much better chance in life.
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We can't take them all - and I'm sorry the vet wasn't better informed, but you did right by the kitties with the information you had.
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We can't take them all
That has become my mantra, and I try to console myself with it.

You saved those babies from certain death on the streets; please don't feel bad that you couldn't keep them. You're their saviour---now they have a good chance at finding a forever home.
You did good.
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Yes, yes... you did good!
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