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Hissing and Growling After the Vet

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I brought me female to the vet yesterday for a routine dental cleaning and everything went well until I got home. My male cat has been hissing and growling at Jinxy since I got home with her. Teddy is never mean to her. It seems as if she smells different to him and he doesn't like that! What can I do? I haven't left the house all day because I don't want them to fight.
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She just smells different and not like his sister anymore, they usually get over it fairly quickly but you can always do a quick reintroduction if it carries on
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I had the same problem the last time I took my girls to the vet separately. It took a couple days to get back to normal but eventually they did. I believe some of the tricks suggested to me were to rub a towel on one cat then the other and vice versa, try to mix their scents. Also putting a drop of pure vanilla extract on the back of each of their necks to help them smell alike again. And if that doesn't help the hissing, at least they smell good! ;o)
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My cats always smell after a vet visit, and so do I - the nasty air freshener they use permeates into everything.

To the other cats we have the "bad smell". They'll even avoid me unless I change clothes.
It'll fade, mixing scents can help a little, but just giving your cat time to start smelling like home again should fix things.
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a drop of vanilla under the noses may help
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Things seem to be getting back to normal---thank goodness!

Teddy is slowly liking Jinxy again--it was stressful this weekend though.

Thanks for the replies--they helped a lot.
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