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pumpkin inspectors

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Yesterday I brought home a pumpkin, the first one the kitties have ever seen. I couldn't help but snap some pictures of them inspecting the "foreign object."

Molly: Hmmm, smells interesting.

Molly: Wonder if it's edible...
Max: Well, how does it taste?

Maggie: It looks sort of funny to me.
Molly: Yeah, it doesn't taste very good either.

Max: Can we play with it?

Max: Here, Mom, you can have it back. It's not good for anything.
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The series is great - but that last caption - !!! Thank goodness I wasn't drinking anything!
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Thanks for the short story! That's to funny! And they are so cute!
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I love the one with Maggie gnawing on the stem!!!
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Those facial expressions are just too funny! Thanks for sharing. They are so adorable!
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Thread Starter end to our entertainment around here. Who needs TV when you have cats?
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perfect captions
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So cute!
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Aw, so funny and cute. You just know they're thinking, "What's the fun in this thing?" Heh.
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Loved it!
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The one of Max batting at it is great !! Like he thinks it's just an oversized ball
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Yeah, his general mode of operations seems to be, if you can't eat it or sleep on it, and it won't pet you, then it must be a toy!
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Love the story and photos
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How cute!

Your Molly looks like my Thai!
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awwwwwwwww absolutely brilliant pictures!...
sooo funie!.....and cute!...
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