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I start student teaching on Monday!

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... wish me luck! I'm soo nervous though. All of my fieldwork and observation hours has been in a very suburban middle school, but I was placed in a more urban high school. If that wasn't intimidating enough, I have already been mistaken as a student multiple times. lol.... aaand! I'll be split between 2 teachers and be teaching 4 very different subjects.

Period 1: Remedial Modern World History (10th grade)
Period 2: Intro to Psychology (Mostly 12th, but some 11th)
Period 3: Civics (10th)
Period 4 and 5: Planning w/ cooperating teachers.
Period 6: Civics (10th)
Period 7: Honors Western Civ. (9th)

... I think I'll need some of those strong TCS vibes to make it through!

Oh! and I'll have my 17 year sister as a student in my Intro to Psych class. I'm not exactly sure how that dynamic is gong to turn out... but so far she has taken a very protective stance on me. She's already told me if anyone gives me any problems, to let her know and she'll take care of them.... Talk about role reversal! lol
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My best friend from college became a teacher - elementary school - but I remember how nervous she was her first day! Everything went just fine - and it will for you too. !!!!

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Vibes for you. My Hubby teaches Biology and Bio Chem at the state college. Its not an easy job to teach. You cant have a slow day or it shows. More vibes. And ENERGY!!! for you.
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I'm sure you'll do great!

Here's some "inner calming vibes" for you
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You'll be fine. The first day is scary, but after that it's a lot of fun.
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Many vibes and good luck!!

You'll be fine
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Good luck! I could not teach high school! I find it hard enough going up to the Grade 8s when I supply teach. However, I know a lot of people who wouldn't go near my Kindergarten classroom either!

On my first day of my first teaching block, I got up and went to hop in the shower. Then when back to my room to get something, realized that it was only 3am, and went back to bed until my alarm went off! LOL...I didn't think I was nervous!

Just be confident and you'll do great.
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Of course my best good wishes to good luck!........
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Thanks, I really appreciate it!

I 'll let you guys know how it goes tomorrow... I had myself a nice glass of wine and I'm going to go pick out something to wear. lol
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My friend did that too the first few weeks - it helped her not be nervous, having to decide what to wear that morning.

all goes great!
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Sounds great! Congrats & good luck!
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Good luck tomorrow, I hope you have a great first day
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I survived! Granted, I was only observing, but still. lol

On an amusing note, my sister is in my second period class. The cooperating teacher showed a movie and my darling sister fell asleep! What a great reflection on me. lol
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