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Question of the day Oct3rd

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Today's question is:

What is your favorite fall activity.

I have a couple actually when my nephews and nieces were younger it was our tradition to go hunting for the best color leaves we could fine, wax them then make a scrapbook. Now I guess it would setting up my scarecrow on my deck as a decoration.
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Hikes or walks in the trees!
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Susan, I loved doing that as a kid!

But as an adult, I'm with Nat. That is one thing I love about it around here - we live in a beautiful park and there are a LOT of hiking trails not far. We're right along the Appalachian Trail, basically in the Kittatinnies and about 10-15 minutes from the Delaware Water Gap.
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walk as well you said Susan,.. and watch movie terror!-...
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I love drives down country roads with all the beautiful trees with leaves of many colours
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Well, being that fall in SoCal just means the sun sets earlier and it's only a little cooler, or sometimes hotter with the Santa Ana winds, I'm going to say my favorite fall activity is watching football on Sundays.

When I was in PA, I liked to take drives on back roads through wooded areas and stop sometimes along streams or rivers or just anywhere to walk around a bit and eenjoy the peace of nature, very pretty with the color changes on the trees. I also love the smell of fallen leaves.

But I gots none of that now in the LBC, so I stay home or go to the local brewpub downtown and watch football all day Sunday.
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I love to walk thru the cemetery by my house and kick up the leaves. It seems spookier than usual during the fall, for some reason.
Fall is my favorite time to decorate the house and yard, too.
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Motorcycle rides!
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Going for walks in the forest FOR SURE!

I'm getting allot of satisfaction from cleaning out my garden too .
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