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Taste of the Wild?!?!

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For those who feed Taste of the Wild cat food..Do you like it do your cats like it and is it a good food. I found it at CT Tractor Supply store and its about $33 for 15 pounds...Im thinking Im going to make the switch to this when their food they have now gets lower and I can start mixing it gradually in with their Purina. They are really good about food switches so Im not to worried but I couldnt tell if it had any dyes or anything in it...I cant feed any foods with red dyes to Hercules it makes his poop red and freaks me out.
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I feed TOTW, kitties love it and do well on it.... although I have to mix in some food with grain into it otherwise Kizzy gets the runs. (like 15lbs TOTW mixed with 5lbs something with grain)

It is indeed a good food. If you do a search on here, you'll find Sharky's analysis of it as well as many other comments on it

I don't think it has dyes in it, but I can't swear for sure as I don't have the bag anymore.
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So would it be ok to get the bag of it and mix it with Purina Indoor. Thats what they are being fed now they all love it its like a stampede when I start filling dishes in the morning when they all come running. I know its not the greatest food out there but it does have grains and they love it.
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yes mix it with the other..... Taste IMHO is a solid food ..
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My girls love it and had beautiful cats but Stumpy was throwing up regularly with it. We changed foods a couple of times and found a sensitive stomach food she could handle, and now we're trying a limited ingredient diet food which is cheaper and has better ingredients than the vet formula sensitive stomach.

For regular cats though TOTW is a great food.
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Yes, TOTW is a quality grain-free food and all of my cats like it. I had been feeding it exclusively, but have started mixing it with Authority indoor formula because Shareena's coat didn't seem quite as shiny as it used to be. All of the other cats look fantastic and and are shedding a lot less than before.

If you write or call the company they'll send you a sample package so you can find out if your cats like the food before you spend a lot of money. I would also check around to see if you can get it someplace else. I usually get a 15# bag for about $26.
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I fed TOTW while I was still feeding dry food and all mine loved it. The only cat that had a problem with it was Clover who apparently was allergic to the peas.

I tried her on some of the limited ingrediant foods which also had peas and she couldn't handle it. So I assume that is what she had a problem with...she was fine on dry that didn't have peas but really didn't look to deep into the ingrediant lists to see any other things they had in common.
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My boys eat it mixed with 2 other foods and they like it
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My 5 eat TOTW and love it. They have amazing fur coats, and I scoop VERY little solid waste.
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I give my cats TOTW as treats, a few every day. They love it, Swanie is addicted. Anytime I go upstairs he goes to the closet to show me where the treats are.
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When I first switched Gizmo over to TOTW he had loose poops also but he is doing much, much better now.
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I got some TOTW today..Seems to have gone over well so far GiGi and Herc pigged out I only mixed a little into their food today but so far so good..Ill keep an eye on them though to see how they feel about it.
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I used to feed it but I don't have any stores that carry it so I ordered it online.I'd still feed it if I could it from a store. It is good quality and the price is great. Jake loved it too.
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I just got a delivery from UPS with 4 sample bags of Taste of the Wild and a pamphlet with info and I read the feline stuffs ingredient list and it actually has some of the ingredients that BeneBac has..Actually the first 3 in Benebac are listed in the food ingredients..Hmmm I wonder if this will help with GiGis poo too...This might actually end up saving me money buying this food if I dont have to continually keep getting BeneBac for her!
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It took Jordan a while to adjust to haveing just TOTW in his bowl in the morning, but he now loves it. The other three liked it right away.
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their canned food just hit the shelves. just stopped by the pet store today, saw the dog version and asked about the cat. I had apparently passed by that area a couple of minutes before and saw another new product, but my eyes missed it. I seem to miss stuff a lot even if it's in front of my face.

Anyhoo, I have not opened the can yet (or the Tiki Cat stuff), but when I do, we'll see what TC thinks of it. Luna can't have any because neither brand fits her special diet (taste of the wild has a variety of ingredients in it - several of which Luna can't have - and this Tiki Cat stuff only makes one non seafood flavor which is chicken and Luna is only on duck for now).
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So far things have been good with TOTW they have been demolishing their food more so than when they were on Purina only. Ill still keep to mixing it so that way it lasts longer for one because its expensive and also because this mix seems to be working really good. GiGis poo has gotten a lot better since being on TOTW. She actually prefers it without Purina. I happened to catch her picking out the TOTW pieces!
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We feed TOTW to both of our cats. Xena used to be overweight, and since the change (with no other changes) she has slimmed down to a healthy weight. Both cats eat it with gusto, and are doing well on it.
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There are different flavors of TOTW? My DH picked up a little tester bag at the feed store a couple of months ago. We've been using it as treats for our girls and occasionally, I mix some of it with Hannah's food.
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Originally Posted by stephanietx View Post
There are different flavors of TOTW? My DH picked up a little tester bag at the feed store a couple of months ago. We've been using it as treats for our girls and occasionally, I mix some of it with Hannah's food.
I think there's only the one cat flavored food.
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at this pt Taste in cat come only in a chicken / venison flavor
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
I think there's only the one cat flavored food.
LOL, I didn't mean cat-flavored, I meant...well, one flavor.
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