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Hi All! Celebrated my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary!

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Hi all! Geez - I still can't believe I missed the party for MA's 10,000th post!

Gary and I left last Thursday for a long weekend - my whole family got together for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary!!!!

Being the golden anniversary (these days you'd think they'd move that scale up! If you make it to 50, you deserve a lot more than gold in my opinion!), Gary and I bought them a gold coin - what do you get for a couple that's been together that long? THey already have everything they need, LOL!

The whole family (sis & hubby, brother, wife & their two kids, me & Gary and my mom and dad) met up at an Inn, a B&B type place, in Virginia. My parents arranged it all for us. It was really quite lovely - here's where we stayed:


They run a feral rescue program! There were cats everywhere there. Most of them actually aren't feral - they're mostly strays who got dumped. A lot of them were handicapped or had been injured in some way. Because of Tuxedo's new prescription diet, we had several packs of Whiska's cat milk in the trunk that we can't feed our kitties, so we were very popular with the gang all weekend, LOL! They spay/neuter and vaccinate all the cats that arrive there. They get medical attention when needed and are fed.

Of course, it made us miss our gang that much more all weekend. We had to put them in boarding because we're not allowed to have pets here, it's a gated community, and there's no way to sneak someone in to care for the kitties.

They all lost a little weight, but were sure glad to come home!!!

Unfortunately, it took longer to get back on line than anticipated - Gary got strep from my nephew, and we took a few sick days. So it ended up being a week long vacation. We're really backed up with work - but we turned our phones off the entire time. I cannot begin to tell you what a difference that has made to our health - both physical and mental. (For those who don't know, we generally work from home, and the phones almost never stop ringing here.)

I'm glad to be back - I missed TCS!!!!

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Glad to hear that you and Gary had a wonderful time! It sounds like it was a much needed mini vacation!

Its wonderful that they would have a feral rescue right there! You know Laurie, you just must have that "I'm a cat saver" vibe coming from you at all angles!
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Welcome back, Laurie!
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welcome back! we missed you!
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My 30th annv. next month!
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Hey girl! There you are!

Congrats to your parent on their 50th wedding anniversary. That's a wonderful milestone to reach together.

And why do you always find ferals? Y'all must have signs on your RV or something like that!

I hope Gary is feeling much better. And I hope you know we've missed you around here!
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Welcome Back Laurie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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tell your parents congrads. for me that is quite a accomplishment!! hope they have many more to come.
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Hey Sherral - CONGRATS!!!! 30 is quite a milestone, too! I hope Gary and I live into our 80s... that's the only way we'll make the 50th.

I passed along all your best wishes to my folks, and they thank you!

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